Base Goku and Base Vegeta CONFIRMED as DLC + #DBFZ Open Beta for #NintendoSwitch coming this August

The next two DLC fighters for Dragonball FighterZ have been confirmed to be Base Goku and Base Vegeta!

This confirmation comes about as a result of a Japanese scan for the V Jump magazine surfacing on the Internet today. That scan confirms the base forms of Goku and Vegeta as DLC characters while providing a brief look at their capabilities, one of which caught everyone's attention right away...Goku's Spirit Bomb is finally finding its purpose in the gameplay for DBFZ, but as a seemingly situational attack.

That scan can be seen below.


Both characters will charge for five-hundred yen in Japan when they release, which translates to about five dollars in American currency. However, holders of the DBFZ FighterZ Pass will receive both characters for free upon their release.

In additional news, the Nintendo Switch version of Dragonball FighterZ will receive an open beta in August, similar to how the PS4 and Xbox One betas were launched prior to the game's release. It has yet to be clarified as to what content will be included in the beta, save for the fact that a 3-vs-3 local gameplay mode will be available.

The information regarding the Switch beta surfaced over at, a Japanese blog site that covers the latest in gaming-related news.

Gameplay trailers for Base Goku and Base Vegeta have yet to surface, but we'll be watching @BandaiNamcoUS closely for updates. In the meantime, consider picking up your FighterZ Pass for DBFZ today so that you'll be set for their arrival.

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