Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 6

The past weekend has been festive with FGC events happening everywhere! One such event is Week 6 of our ongoing third season for War of the Gods!

Missed last night's preliminaries? Read on for a review of the event.

This week's Top 8 bracket brings all three of our previous champions back into the same arena again, along with other familiar faces and two players making their debut in a Season 3 Top 8.

In the first pool for Top 32, Method SylverRye and CLN Nubcakes engaged in a vicious exhibition where there was little room left for error. Their set extended to five games before Nubcakes finally won the tug o' war by a very slight margin, advancing to Top 8 as a result. Not one to be denied easily, SylverRye fended off bkith in the Loser's Bracket finals in a convincing display, so that he would follow Nubcakes directly into this week's finals.

Like with the lower bracket in Pool 1, Pool 2 for Top 32 had 3-0 outcomes happening everywhere, aside from an occasional 3-1. Semiij and Grr, the other two players to have taken a bracket in Season 3 thus far, met for an anticipated runback in Winner's Finals. Apparently Semiij had been taking notes since his previous loss to Grr, because Grr quickly found himself on the wrong end of Catwoman's claws. As Semiij moved on to Top 8, Grr took on his fellow Atom/Cyborg user Hero Killer Stain for a chance at redemption. Fortunately for Grr, everything went his way, culminating in his next Top 8 placement.

In Pool 3, the heat from the competition rose to unbearably volcanic levels. Noble Tweedy had an accurate prediction on HZRDS Knicks's fate in Winner's Finals, a prediction where he would foresee the younger player's descent into Loser's Bracket. Forever King, having suffered a loss to Tweedy in the upper bracket, produced every Batman trick in his arsenal to overcome both akawebbs and RevetLeafing so as to reach Loser's Finals, where a runback with Knicks would await (Knicks was the victor in their Week 5 encounter). As their set unfolded, it quickly became apparent that King's skill had ascended to a level that was very much unlike any of his previous displays in War of the Gods, and Knicks found himself unable to decipher King's new code. King would therefore achieve his second Top 8 placement in War Season 3.

The last of the carnage unfolded in Pool 4, where RevetLeafing's sibling, yungmonster, was well on his way to his next Top 8. However, his streak was shattered by Emperor Kombat, who would in turn progress to the Week 6 finals; and Buffalo, who gave us a "shell" of a display (do excuse the pun). Buffalo himself bulldozed his way to Loser's Finals to take on Noble Rewind for the final slot in the Top 8, but the young Noble prodigy would not go quietly into the night. Ever the trickster, Rewind's character switches kept opponents on edge, and Buffalo was no different. Finally, after an epic four-game set, Rewind eliminated his foe to add another Top 8 placement to his montage.

All of the ingredients above have come together for a recipe to another fascinating Top 8 bracket! Either the crown will be defended by Rye, or it will pass to either a returning champion or a new one. Which outcome will unfold this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time?

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