$5,000 Prize Pool to be provided by @arika_co_jp for #FEXL Side Tournament at #EVO2018

In addition to the eight-game lineup featured at Evolution 2018, this year's iteration of the event enables communities to empower side tournaments for any titles that were not chosen for the primary lineup.

From the moment of the EVO lineup reveal, communities have instantly clamored to rally its players and most iconic organizers in order to bring their games to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, which has housed the Evolution Championship for the past two years and is set to do so a third time on August 3-5, 2018.

Among the titles that will have side tournaments at EVO is none other than ARIKA's Fighting EX Layer, the long-awaited successor to the original Fighting Layer released exclusively in Japan in 1998. Fighting EX Layer integrates unique mechanics, such as the all-new Gougi deck system, to an environment that is otherwise heavily inspired by ARIKA's Street Fighter EX series, which launched in 1997.

As of yesterday, ARIKA dropped an announcement concerning its plans for a Fighting EX Layer side tournament at EVO 2018. They plan to contribute a $5,000 prize pool, and they have gone on to express a tentative blueprint that the FEXL bracket will follow at EVO.

It appears that the bracket will come with a 128-player cap, and that it will be split into two separate single-elimination pools of 64 players for Days 1 and 2 of EVO (August 3 and 4). Matches will commence until only the top four players remain, at which point they will be relocated to the EVO World Stage in order to complete their final matches in a double elimination format.

Bear in mind that ARIKA has expressed this approach as a possibility rather than a certainty, which means that there is room for changes to be made before their official announcement.

As of now, sign-ups have yet to become available. We will update you when that changes. In the meantime, if you'd like to give Fighting EX Layer a try for yourself, you can download it right now via the Playstation Store!

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