.@echofoxgg signs Canadian League of Legends player, @Smoothie

Yesterday, Echo Fox welcomed 21-year-old Andy "Smoothie" Ta, formerly a player for Cloud9, into their League of Legends roster.

This acquisition follows closely behind Echo Fox's decision to release three of its players (FeniX, Altec and Adrian) from their League of Legends roster, which has seen a highly inconsistent performance in the summer split of the North American League of Legends Championship Series, also known as the NA LCS.

Hailing from Calgary AB, Smoothie's LoL career got its kickstart in 2015 with the Spring Season of the NA Challenger Series, in which he and his team finished in 2nd place. He went on to obtain a series of Top 4 finishes in the Summer Season next year, as well as another 2nd place finish in the Riot NA LCS 2016 Summer series. His road eventually led him to the League of Legends 2016 World Championships, where he and his team finished an impressive run inside the Top 8.

His career continued to skyrocket throughout 2017 as he snagged yet another 2nd place finish in the Riot NA LCS 2017 event, this time in the Spring Season. Finally, Smoothie and his team obtained the big W at an event called Rift Rivals 2017, which hosted a regional team battle between North America and Europe. Later on, Smoothie's team reappeared at the 2017 iteration of the League of Legends World Championships, where they once again finished in the Top 8.

In addition to inducting Smoothie into their LoL roster, Echo Fox has opted to replace a portion of its team with mid-laner @FOX_Damonte and ADC Lawrence "@Lost_adc" Hui. They will be playing alongside top-laner SeungHoon "@Huni" Heo and jungler Joshua "@Dardochlol" Hartnett this Saturday in Week 6 of the NA LCS Summer Split, where they will face off against FlyQuest.

To keep up with Echo Fox's efforts throughout League of Legends esports, follow @EchoFoxLol on Twitter and visit www.echofox.gg.

Source: www.dotesports.com

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