Dragon Radar Online Events are now LIVE for the #DBFZ World Tour on @smashgg

Today, the DBFZ World Tour has expanded upon its Dragon Radar Events by adding in a series of online brackets targeting each region across the globe!

These new events, known as Dragon Radar Online Events, will follow in the footsteps of their offline counterparts. The winners of each of these events will be flown out to any Saga Event of their choosing, where they will compete for the chance to qualify for the DBFZ World Tour Finals in January! Alternatively, they can opt to be flown out to a Last Chance Qualifier for the World Tour Finals instead of a Saga Event.

The World Tour comes with a total of seven Saga Events, two of which have reached completion (CEO and VSFighting). The third one, known as Ultimate Fighting Arena, takes place in France on August 31st.

The complete list of Dragon Radar Online Events (taken from here) is as follows:

DBFZ Online.png

Registration for any of the Dragon Radar Online Events will be done here at SmashGG. Entry for all of them is free, but players will be required to confirm their region before entering any of the brackets listed. Similar to the offline events, all online brackets will be played via the Playstation 4 console.

The first online bracket to be played out will be for Southeast Asia on August 12th.

Thus far, two of the seven Dragon Balls have been claimed by GGP Kazunoko and Echo Fox SonicFox. Will you be the next worthy possessor of one of these legendary orbs?!

For more information on the DBFZ World Tour, visit www.dbfzworldtour.com.

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