.@H1Z1 exits Open Beta status and officially releases on Playstation 4 on Tuesday, August 7th!

In May 22nd, Daybreak Games launched an open beta for H1Z1 on the Playstation 4, thus marking the game's first expansion to a platform other than its home on PC since its initial creation three years ago.

Within the next two weeks, H1Z1 exits its Open Beta phase to progress to an official launch on PS4!

Upon H1Z1's arrival to the PS4, as many as over ten million players participated in its open beta. Daybreak continued to work closely with its community whilst fine-tuning the product so that it would perform to its expected standards on a new platform.

When H1Z1 on PS4 launches officially, players will be gifted with new content to celebrate the occasion, such as new weapons, two DLC bundles and the H1Z1 Battle Pass Season 1. The Battle Pass will come with three reward lines and thirty rewards tiers. The premium line will be priced at $5.49, but all PS Plus members will receive the PS Plus reward line at no charge.

Designed initially as a title better suited for PC controls, H1Z1 was redesigned from the ground up on PS4 to accommodate a new control scheme and new in-game options. The PS4 version features faster progression for weapons, more vehicles and airdrops, faster moving gas, natural console controls and so on.

The title will remain free-to-play and will be available on August 7th for the Playstation 4. We recommend reviewing this FAQ from H1Z1's official blog site to prepare for the new content to be released upon launch.

For those wishing to try H1Z1 on PC, you can visit here to download the product for free.

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