Smash Wii-U Competitor @CosmosZR signs with @PandaGlobal

Yesterday, Panda Global welcomed a rising star from the galaxy of Super Smash Bros: Brian "Cosmos" Kalu a.k.a. @CosmosZR!

A long-time Smash enthusiast, Cosmos's competitive spark turned into a raging inferno when the Fire Emblem cast in Smash 4 expanded with the addition of Corrin. He has since given life to a meme that the Corrin character community holds dear to themselves: "INSTAPIN INSTAWIN."

Around the age of 16, Cosmos finished in fourth place in Low Tier City 4, which occurred in June 2016. In 2017, Cosmos began scooping up incredibly noteworthy results, which include Top 8 finishes for Wii-U singles at DreamHack Denver and GameTyrant Expo for Wii-U Doubles, as well as third place at The Big House 7, where over five-hundred Wii-U competitors threw down.

Thus far, Cosmos has continued to add to his list of achievements this year, even as Smash Ultimate prepares to make its entrance as a Nintendo Switch exclusive this December. Back in February, he teamed up with Komorikiri to take the doubles bracket at Frostbite, but finished in 7th place for its singles bracket. Next came CEO 2018 at Daytona Beach where Cosmos achieved a dramatically improved result, taking third place in an event where approximately seven-hundred Smashers showed up to deliver the event's most sizable bracket yet.

From start to finish, Cosmos has been a shining beacon of both talent and positive energy. The pandas are thrilled over the newest addition to their herd...but perhaps none more so than Alpharad, the Creative Director of PG, who has shown non-stop support to the young prodigy since his competitive days in wi-fi tournaments.

Many congratulations to PG Cosmos! We wish him well as he takes on the next chapter of his Smash career alongside one of the strongest organizations in not just Smash esports, but in general.

If you're looking for some entertainment, you might enjoy Alpharad's video introduction of the new panda on the block...remember: INSTAPIN, INSTAWIN.

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