Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 7

With Evolution 2018 coming up this weekend, you can consider this week's War of the Gods as a preview of the high-level Injustice 2 matches to come!

75% of this week's Top 8 consists of an armada of players you've come to know and love, with the Week 6 champion lurking among them. The remaining 25%, however, is made up of a pair of rising stars.

RLN TitantiumTigerzz came storming into the Week 7 preliminaries, fueled by the burning desire to reach for the finale as the end of the season looms. After enduring a five-game set, Tigerzz bested TSS KingGambler to qualify for Top 8 from the Winner's side. KingGambler was soon drawn into a rematch with SylverRye, who he previously upset in Winner's Semis of their pool. Rye's retribution was swift as he ran it back against KingGambler to maintain his tournament lifespan in Week 7.

Kombat returned to the Top 32 in a blaze of glory, but it was quickly extinguished by the Lin Kuei Grandmaster, Buffalo, who'd previously appeared as a finalist in the Season 1 finale last year. Nonplussed, Kombat waited impatiently for his chance for revenge, though the wait would be shortened due to DQs unfolding in the lower bracket. Soon, CLN Nubcakes fought his way to Loser's Finals to contest Kombat over a slot in the Top 8. Like with Buffalo, their set dragged out into a lengthy five-game series full of surprising twists and turns, but once again, misfortune would befall Kombat, ending his Week 7 run while Nubcakes advanced to the finals.

Tempers would flare as BxA AnbuGetReked brought his Atrocitus back into the fray. With a narrow victory over akawebbs, Anbu earned himself a confrontation with Noble Semiij. Their resulting battle proved quite competitive, and Semiij came out on top 3-1. Meanwhile, Kombat's fellow Firestorm player, jonnitti, cooked up quite a recipe for excitement in the lower bracket, until TSS Deoxys put an end to his bravado. Consequently, Deoxys took on AnbuGetreked in Loser's Finals. Despite Anbu's best efforts, the Blue Beetle champion shut him down 3-0 to make his next Top 8.

The night of the Noble boys dragged on in the final Top 32 pool for Week 7, as Tweedy and Rewind kicked off their bracket runs from the upper half. But while Rewind floored Basics 3-0, Tweedy was not as fortunate, as he was upset 3-2 by RevetLeafing's Cheetah. Revet's triumph would be short-lived, however, as Rewind dealt a swift 3-0 blow to his conscience. With two Noble players in the Top 8 now, Tweedy made a valiant effort to extend that count to three, taking out anyone who stood in his way. His resilience earned him a runback with Revet in Loser's Finals, and it was then that Tweedy performed a reverse download against his opponent, taking their rematch 3-1.

W7 Top 8 War S3.jpg

Tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time for the next installment to an exciting season for War of the Gods! As per usual, you can find our streams for the circuit at

If you missed the Week 7 preliminaries, you can find an archive right here. If you'd prefer to wait for an upload, it will be available at our YouTube page soon.

Sign-ups for Week 8 will go live soon, but we would like to confirm that it will not take place this weekend due to the fact that Evolution 2018 is taking place in Las Vegas as a Premier Event in the Injustice 2 Pro Series. Additionally, The Clash will be suspended this Friday for the same reason.

A post will be shared via the @StreamMe Twitter when Week 8 sign-ups are open. As always, we deeply appreciate your participation in our events and we look forward to seeing you in our brackets once again!

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