#FirstToTen Interview with @MrJoshuaGray by @RomanovaNRS

While America celebrated the country's birthday yesterday, @RomanovaNRS, the authoress behind the First To Ten blog series, released her next interview.

This interview features a man of many skills who'd came into the spotlight during the days of the MKX Pro League by ESL: @MrJoshuaGray. He and Romanova first crossed paths when she was invited to participate as a cosplayer for the second season of the league. Josh has also made appearances in the Injustice 2 Pro Series and, as of late, a commentator for the Injustice 2 Top 8 finals at CEO 2018.

See below for a brief excerpt from Romanova's interview with Josh, then proceed to read the whole entry by clicking here. It is definitely a worthwhile read.

FirstToTen: Thank you for joining us Josh.  First start off by telling everyone a little bit about yourself: who you are, where you’re from, and what you do!

Joshua Gray: Hi! I’m a 6’2, 210 lbs male with dark hair, dark eyes, and a penchant for beatboxing. I’m originally from the Seattle area. I’ve lived in Kansas, Utah, Virginia, and California. Now I’m back in Seattle enjoying the life my 32 years have garnered. As for my profession: I’m a performer in the realm of hosting, acting, singing, and dancing for stage and screen, also a producer for new media and television, plus a writer for short and long form content, and when not working in entertainment I’m learning how to be a bartender at a chill bar in the South Lake Union area of Seattle, researching cannabis to cultivate, and enjoying nature.

FirstToTen: Many probably recognize you from the ESL days, how did you get started?

Joshua Gray: I attended an MLG event in 2010 for StarCraft 2 and showed my support and passion for the scene with my YouTube channel. I was hired as a cameraman at the next MLG event, worked my way up to production assistant, then host. I went on to work for other companies in a host and producer role until I finished my acting degree in 2012. At the end of summer I packed up my car and drove across the country to start a minimum wage gig in California for a startup studio called NASL. I worked up to a living wage with our World of Tanks Wargaming League and enjoyed working with a solid team for about two years. When ESL America was formed I was brought on board as one of the first 10 employees. Our team, many from the NASL days, built ourselves up into a confident new media production studio ready to take on a project I envisioned and we were all passionate about, the MKX Pro League. The 2015-2016 ESL America days were awesome, and many of the movers and shakers in esports today came from the refiners fire endured since the 2010 release of StarCraft 2.

(to be continued at this page)

Many thanks to the two for sharing this discussion with the Internet! Be sure to follow www.firsttoten.com to keep up with future interviews as they are released.

Primarily, the First To Ten blog series was founded on the basis of putting members of the Netherrealm Studios community on display, and it remains so to this day. However, Romanova is considering expanding the series to cover members from different communities such as Street Fighter V or Dragonball FighterZ. She is currently hosting a poll to help her with this decision, and as of now, it has received almost two-hundred votes with the majority leaning in favor of DBFZ.

Have you any input to offer? If yes, click the Twitter post below to submit your vote!

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