Talim's REVEAL TRAILER for #SoulCaliburVI

The next returning cast member for Soul Calibur VI has been revealed to be Talim, the Last Priestess of the Winds.

Making her debut in Soul Calibur 2, Talim would later reappear in the series's next two main installments, SC3 and SC4. She went absent for the 2012 release of Soul Calibur V, but come October 19th, she'll ride the winds back to the Stage of History.

Talim's combat style revolves around the use of dual elbow blades. In addition, her skills with the Wind Dance style gives her a powerful control over the winds, which affords her a powerful advantage in combat. With the new combat mechanics coming into play, Talim promises to bring a unique approach to the gameplay in Soul Calibur VI.

Take a look at her amazing reveal trailer below.

Soul Calibur VI releases for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on October 19, 2018. Visit here to pre-order your copy now.

As of Talim's reveal, fourteen characters have been confirmed to be playable in Soul Calibur VI. The complete list is as follows:

- Geralt of Rivia (from The Witcher)
- Grøh
- Ivy
- Kalik
- Max
- Mitsurugi
- Nightmare
- Siegfried
- Sophitia
- Taki
- Talim
- Xianghua
- Yoshimitsu (from Tekken)
- Zasalamel

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