.@beastcoastgg signs @ApologyMan and @LordKnightBB for #DragonballFighterZ

In case you missed the big news last weekend, Beast Coast signed two hotshot icons from the Dragonball FighterZ community: ApologyMan and LordKnightBB!

With the recent announcement of the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour, players hastened to step up their training in the hopes of acquiring one of the legendary Dragon Balls, the prize to be won at each of the Saga Events designated in the Tour. CEO 2018 was the first of many Saga Events to be affiliated with this circuit, and it saw quite an explosive beginning to what promises to be an amazing series for the fighting game community.

Vineeth "ApologyMan" Meka, two-time EVO finalist for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, was among those competing for this prized possession at Daytona Beach last weekend, where the Ocean Center housed the next chapter of the CEO legacy. Approximately 700 Z Fighters flocked to Daytona to participate in one of the most historic brackets in Dragonball FighterZ yet. Out of that amount, ApologyMan was counted among the Top 8, an achievement that leaves him with a sense of elation.

His road at CEO came to an end in Loser's Eighths, where he was defeated by the player who would go on to be crowned the champion: GGP Kazunoko.

In addition to CEO, ApologyMan was one of eight players invited to BeyondTheSummit's Summit of Power, a 16-player invitational where the best DBFZ players would compete in California for bragging rights and a heavily stacked prize pool. Eight other players were either voted in by the community or had to earn their places in the Summit.

Steve "LordKnight" Barthelemy, one of the first players to showcase Dragonball FighterZ at the Battle of the Gods invitational in the Esports Arena, was among the players to be granted his opportunity at the Summit via an incredibly heated poll.

Both competitors performed extraordinarily well at the Summit, with ApologyMan finishing in 5th and LordKnight in 9th. Now, with the DBFZ World Tour in progress, the two are seeking to elevate their game whilst representing an organization whose players have found success in other fighting games, including Injustice 2.

ApologyMan will be attending Evolution 2018 next month at the luxurious Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort in Las Vegas. In addition, both he and LordKnight will be taking part in numerous qualifier events throughout the DBFZ World Tour. For more information on the World Tour, visit dbfzworldtour.com.

Worth noting that out of the eight games featured in EVO's primary lineup this year, Dragonball FighterZ is currently sitting at the top of the mountain with the most registered players! More on that here.

We wish both players the best with their new journey alongside Beast Coast! You can follow @LordKnightBB and @ApologyMan on Twitter, as well as @beastcoastgg, to stay updated.

Source: beastcoast.gg

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