Version 1.3.2 Update for #PokkenTournamentDX introduces a huge balance update

Today, the Japanese website for Pokken Tournament DX was updated to include details of a new balance patch coming to the 3D Pokemon brawler next Wednesday, July 11th.

This patch affects all playable characters in Pokken DX, meaning that match-ups are expected to change dramatically. Included among the changes are air dashes being added to existing characters, specific moves being cancelled mid-animation, and more.

The changes, originally listed in Japanese, were immediately translated into English by Pentao from the Pokken Arena forums. The translated notes can be found here, but for your convenience, we will list a segment of the notes below. Enjoy.


  • Air Dash (Synergy Burst): Can now perform an Air Dash during Synergy Burst.
  • Aura Sphere (Midair, Synergy Burst): Can now be cancelled during Synergy Burst by pressing the B button.
  • 6Y: Improved interactions with high attacks.
  • Synergy Burst: Decreased duration.


  • Electro Ball: Can now be cancelled by pressing the R button.
  • 8X: Can now be cancelled by pressing the R button plus a direction.
  • Burst Attack: Increased base damage.
  • Volt Tackle (Synergy Burst): Increased hitbox size during Synergy Burst.
  • nY: Can now cancel the first and second projectiles by using a Pokémon Move.


  • Grab Attack (Midair): Can now change trajectory by pressing the backwards direction.
  • ]X[: A new move can be performed by charging and releasing X.
  • Cross Chop (Duel Phase): Increased attack duration, decreased the distance Machamp is pushed back after using Cross Chop near the stage's wall.
  • jX (Field Phase): Increased movement speed.


  • Burst Attack: Increased blockstun.
  • Calm Mind (Synergy Burst): Now gives two orbs during Synergy Burst instead of one.
  • Counter Attack (Midair, Duel Phase): Increased movement distance.
  • Energy Ball (Field Phase): Increased distance and tracking.
  • Energy Ball: Diffuse (Field Phase): Increased hitbox size.
  • 8X: Increased range.


  • Hydro Pump: Can now be cancelled by pressing the R button.
  • Blizzard: Can now be cancelled by pressing the R button.
  • Counter Attack ~ Follow-Up: Decreased the height at which this move launches upward.
  • 2Y: Increased blockstun, decreased recovery.
  • 5YYY: No longer puts Suicune in an airborne state.

(continue reading here for full notes)

Pokken Tournament DX is available exclusively on the Nintendo Switch, along with Battle Packs 1 and 2 which contain additional Pokemon fighters. Grab your copy here and get ready to become a Pokemon Master!

Pokken DX is a port of the original Pokken Tournament, which was developed by none other than the creators of the Tekken franchise: Bandai Namco. As gamers would expect, Pokken combines gameplay elements from Tekken with brand-new mechanics inspired by Nintendo's Pokemon universe. Matches are played in intricate 3D environments where players command a Battle Pokemon and two Party Pokemon, the latter of which will come into play in-between rounds.

Pokken Tournament was initially released in Japanese arcades on July 2015 and later for the Nintendo Wii-U in March 2016. When the Nintendo Switch dropped a year later, Bandai Namco immediately thought it wise to port the game to the newest console while adding in a slew of new content including new playable characters and game modes. Dubbed Pokken Tournament DX, the updated product launched in September 2017, and two additional DLC packs called Battle Packs dropped earlier this year, adding in Blastoise and Aegislash as playable characters.

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