Registration Open for #DOA5LR EVO Showdown + #DOA6 will be playable at #EVO2018!

Along with the main lineup, Evolution 2018 is set to showcase a series of side tournaments for games not included in that list.

One of those games is Dead or Alive 5, for which a special tournament organized by its developers, Team Ninja, will be thrown. It's called Dead or Alive EVO Showdown 2018, a free-entry bracket that is open only to those who have already registered for EVO 2018. The event will take place throughout the first two days of the EVO weekend, from the third of August to the fourth.

Note: If you have yet to register for EVO, you have until July 19th to do so at

A $6,000 prize pot will be provided by Team Ninja and distributed among the Top 8 in the EVO Showdown. The payout will be split as follows:

1st Place: $3,600
2nd Place: $1,200
3rd Place: $600
4th Place: $240
5th and 6th Place: $120
7th and 8th Place: $60

After registering for EVO, you can then proceed to register for the DOA Showdown by going to this link.

In addition, the newest title by Team Ninja, Dead or Alive 6, will actually be available to play at EVO 2018! According to, plans for DOA6 exhibitions and a mini tournament are underway as well. Details have yet to be announced.

At E3 2018 in June, Dead or Alive 6 was revealed to the world, taking the gaming community utterly by surprise. Given that Team Ninja had just announced plans to discontinue support for DOA5 near the end of 2017, their fans had not expected to hear anything concerning a new game in development. But the surprise was an incredibly welcome one.

The game will feature a brand new mechanic called the Break Gauge, which is the first meter system to ever be utilized by the Dead or Alive franchise since its inception. When the meter is filled, players can empty it to use either the Break Blow, a flashy and destructive special attack, or the Break Hold, a counter attack that works against everything except throws.

DOA6 will be released for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms in early 2019. Watch its amazing reveal trailer below!

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