.@ThePGStats and @MeleeItOnMe announce a new Smash Melee ranking system: the Melee PGR

In 2013, a ranking system for the Smash Melee community was founded by Melee It On Me, an organization founded in 2012 that serves as a Melee community platform. The ranking system in question was called the SSBMRank, which is an annual ranking system that graphs the top 100 players in competitive Melee.

A similar ranking system, called the Panda Global Rankings, was founded by a group of Panda Global representatives led by @PG_suar in 2016, but this system governed player rankings for Smash Wii-U rather than Melee. Results were released biannually, and each iteration of the PGR covered the current 50 best players in Smash Wii-U. The latest iteration, PGRv5, is due for release at the end of July.

CLG Tafo, or @tafokints on Twitter, was regarded as the Melee statistician. His efforts eventually led him to develop the SSBMRank system, which used subjective polling and results analysis to determine the top 100 Melee players in the entire world. However, as he has just entered into a career for business development with a North American organization called CLG, his newfound responsibilities have created an obstacle in his efforts to update the Melee ranking system.

To address this, the Melee It On Me and PGStats organizations have banded together to give life to an all-new ranking system for the Melee community, one that will go hand-in-hand with its Smash Wii-U counterpart (and eventually Smash Ultimate). The new system is called the Melee PGR, which, as its name may suggest, will archive the 50 best Melee players on a biannual basis. tafokints, founder of the SSBMRank system, will remain on an advisory capacity to assist the current teams as they work to provide accurate data for the Melee community.

The first entry for the Melee PGR, the Summer #MPGR2018, will be released along with PGRv5 at the end of July, alternating schedules with its Wii-U counterpart to avoid overlaps. From July 23 to August 2, the best fifty Melee players will be archived, with ten of them being published one day at a time, exactly like how the Smash Wii-U system was organized.

The previous four iterations of the Smash Wii-U rankings by PGR can be found here. These rankings archive a collection of information for each player, including the characters used and their recent placements at tournaments. A similar page has not yet been made available for the Melee rankings.

Previous rankings for the SSBMRank system (from 2013 to 2017) can be found here.

For further updates concerning the latest developments with PGR, you can follow @ThePGStats and @MeleeItOnMe on Twitter.

Source: panda.gg/blogs

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