Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 4

We're back with Week 4 of War of the Gods, and we've got yet another stacked Top 8 lined up for you!

From 164 players came a series of Top 32 brackets filled with a lineup of the strongest Injustice 2 players known today. Among those players is a returning face in the form of Echo Fox SonicFox, who has recently been committing his efforts towards Dragonball FighterZ. He escorted BxA Anbu GetReked to Loser's, but ran into a roadblock against Hero Killer Stain, who made his return to Top 8 from the Winner's side in a dominating 3-0 fashion. SonicFox waited for the bloodbath in Loser's Bracket to end before confronting GetReked again and defeating him once more, thus topping off his return to War of the Gods with a Top 8 placement.

It's another Noble boy's night out in the second Top 32 pool, as Rewind and Semiij take on powerful opponents such as Regal 2ez, RevetLeafing, CLN Deoxys, CrzyFingers and so on. Semiij steamrolled his way back into Winner's Top 8, but his comrade Rewind fell to Deoxys 0-3, forcing him to take on a gauntlet in the lower bracket. During the gauntlet, tt was as if a switch was flipped: suddenly Rewind seemed nigh unstoppable, a far cry from his troubles against Deoxys, whom he rematched in Loser's Finals. Deoxys himself was caught off guard by the dramatic change in Rewind's approach, so much so that he simply could not regain his footing. Rewind took the runback in a dominating 3-0 fashion, finally breaking his curse of not making Top 8s since the beginning of Season 3.

Pool 3 of Top 32 proved to be a wild card. In addition to the return of Emperor Kombat, HZRDS KNICKS and Alexander-the-1,  quite a variety in players was present, many of which had competed in previous NRS-themed events. After winning out in a monarch's dispute against KNICKS, Kombat defeated Alexander 3-0 to make his next Top 8 in the season. KNICKS, meanwhile, was tasked with taking out newcomers such as AGL Legend18 and Drakefromstatefarm. His reward would be a Top 8 qualifier match against Alexander at the endpoint of his pool. Like Kombat, KNICKS claimed a convincing 3-0 over his opponent, thus earning his spot in the Week 4 finals.

In the final Top 32 bracket, yungmonster avenged his sibling's honor by breaking into the Top 8 from the Winner's side after taking strong victories over Noble Tweedy and RLN TitaniumTigerzz. Undeterred, Tweedy utilized his Starfire to defeat DsV Basics, then switched to Superman in Loser's Semis, a decision that brought him a 3-0 victory over MCG Wakeups. Afterward, Tweedy took on TitantiumTigerzz in an exhausting five-game set that would determine the eighth finalist for this week. Ultimately, after a back-and-forth exchange of wins, Tweedy emerged victorious, thus joining his teammates Semiij and Rewind in the Week 4 finals.

The Week 4 finals will be aired live this Wednesday evening at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. As per usual, the channel to tune in to is Follow if you have not already, so you'll be notified when we go live!

Missed the Week 4 preliminaries? Not to worry, you can check out our archive below to get caught up!

For those who did not qualify for the Week 4 finals, you can sign up right now for Week 5 to get ready for the next round! Week 5 will take place this incoming Sunday, July 15th.

As we approach the halftime period in War Season 3, we wish to remind all players and spectators that the top eight points holders will proceed to the finale for Season 3, where up to $3,200 in cash prizes will be split between all finalists at varying amounts dependent on their placing. See below to learn where the players are currently ranked in Season 3, or simply click here to go to the standings page.

War of the Gods Standings Update.png

Thus far, the previous three weeks have each been claimed by a different champion: Semiij, SylverRye and Grr. Will a fourth player claim a weekly bracket for his own, or will the first two-win streak unfold this Wednesday? Make sure you don't miss out on the Week 4 finals if you want to learn the answer!

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