Shovel Knight comes to @RivalsOfAether as DLC this September!

The final DLC character for Rivals of Aether was revealed today at Super Smash Con - Shovel Knight!

Via a collaboration between Dan Fornace LLC and Yacht Club Games, Shovel Knight crosses over into the popular Steam-exclusive platform fighter to do battle with the other Rivals. In addition, a new stage called the Troupple Pond will be included with Shovel Knight's release. The content will be available for only $4.99 this September.

Shovel Knight is also the last planned DLC character for Rivals of Aether, but this does not signal the end of extra content for the game. The creators have a Definitive Edition of the game planned for a release in early 2019. It is expected to include all of the characters released thus far, new online features, and Abyss Mode customizations for all characters in addition to the base content. While Steam remains the primary platform of choice for Rivals, the game is also available on Xbox One, and its developers have expressed the desire to expand to more platforms.

You can pick up Rivals of Aether right now for either Steam or Xbox One via the links below:

Xbox One - Rivals of Aether
Steam (PC) - Rivals of Aether

If you'd like to enjoy some competitive play for Rivals of Aether, the game is featured along with the mainstream Smash Bros lineup at Super Smash Con this weekend! Follow @SuperSmashCon on Twitter for information on how to tune in.

Finally, if Shovel Knight intrigues you as a character, consider trying out his own game by Yacht Club Games! It features breathtaking gameplay depicting memorable characters in an 8-bit aesthetic. Join Shovel Knight as he takes on a quest to defeat the Order of No Quarter led by their menacing leader, The Enchantress.


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