New "Insomnia" Stage for #DissidiaFFNT available FOR FREE this October!

A new arena will be made available for Dissidia Final Fantasy NT later this October: Insomnia, the capital of the kingdom of Lucis!

Insomnia appears at the beginning and ending segments of Final Fantasy XV, as well as Brotherhood Final Fantasy. It is also the primary setting of the feature film Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, a 110-minute movie based on its video-game counterpart.

This stage will be available to download for free.

The Dissidia map for Insomnia is a faithful recreation of its original incarnation from the game. Players will partake in three-versus-three team battles across a pristine city overlooked by a castle, with the ghosts of the Kings of Lucis watching in the background as day darkens into night.

As Noctis, protagonist of Final Fantasy XV, is among the playable characters in DISSIDA, Noctis players may find themselves taking a liking to this new stage.

Dissidia FFNT itself is available as a PS4 exclusive title. To pick up your copy of the game, consider visiting

What is Dissidia Final Fantasy NT? Via a partnership between Team Ninja and Square Enix, Dissidia brings together iconic Final Fantasy warriors in a series of three-versus-three team battles taking place across a collection of beautifully detailed 3D environments that appear throughout the franchise. Characters to play as include Noctis, Sephiroth, Tidus, Cloud, and plenty more to come, including DLC fighters.

The game was originally conceived in Japanese arcades back in 2015, but it would not find its way to a console until the start of 2018. The developers welcomed its arrival by inviting teams of players, including longtime FGC veterans, to partake in a launch event that was streamed live.

Characters are divided into classes: Marksman, Vanguard, Assassin, and Specialists. The legendary monsters summoned by Materia are also available to use in battle, including Bahamut and Odin. Choose carefully to assemble effective character combinations that will produce various strategies.

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