"The future of Smash Bros." Video Interview at #EVO2018 with @PG_MVD and @PG_ESAM by @ESPN

About two weeks ago, Joey "MrWiz" Cuellar and company hosted this year's Evolution Championships at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Up to eight games would share the spotlight this year, two of which were among the returning contenders: Smash Melee and Smash Wii-U.

With only five entrants separating the two games, both titles boasted over 1,350 players, thereby marking EVO as one of the biggest gatherings for both of the Smash communities. The scenes supporting both titles are as different as night and day, in terms of players and storylines that would forever stand out to the growing audience witnessing Smash's gradual climb through esports.

Furthermore, Smash Ultimate, set to be released for the Nintendo Switch this year, was featured at EVO in a live team exhibition which featured a collection of the strongest esports organizations known today. One of those organizations was none other than Panda Global. Ultimate itself has been confirmed to feature every Smasher that has ever entered the arena, along with new contenders such as Ridley, Inkling, Simon Belmont and even King K. Rool. If you count the Echo Fighters, we're looking at around seventy characters in total and over a hundred stages to be packed into a single game. There will be so much to experiment with that your head will be spinning!

There is no denying that with the impending arrival of Smash Ultimate, Smash Bros fans everywhere are gearing up for its release, but in the meantime, competitors are keeping their hands warm by staying in their best form for the current titles. Panda Global's ESAM and MVD, two regular contenders who have finished in multiple iterations of the Panda Global Rankings for the Wii-U community, have expressed this intention while sharing their thoughts on the future of the Smash Bros community with ESPN's @JacobWolf at Mandalay Bay.

See below for a 15-minute interview featuring both Pandas as they provide an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Smash community and what to expect from it in the future.

Didn't get to catch EVO 2018? You can check out the footage for the Smash Melee and Wii-U finals, along with the Ultimate team exhibition, at the evo2kvids YouTube page!

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