Patch Notes for Version 3.9.13 update for @KillerInstinct

After over a year without any balance tweaks to Killer Instinct whatsoever, the Xbox One flagship fighter has finally gotten another update. However, the majority of its changes are geared for fixes to Shadow Lords, a single-player game mode where players use teams of characters to complete various missions while fending off the invasion of a demon god named Gargos.

A few balance adjustments were slipped into this update, however, but they target only two characters: Rash and Sabrewulf. Should you be playing the game competitively, you'll want to check them out.

The complete notes are available at this link, but can also be seen below.

Character Gameplay:

  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Sabrewulf is 0 (was -7).
  • Combo Breaker advantage time for Rash is +1 (was +9).
  • Rash’s Light Kick AutoDouble advantage time has been fixed. This was +11 (not intended), it now matches his Light Punch AutoDouble at +2.

Shadow Lords Mission:

  • Fixed issue where the Relic Hunt quest chain would not spawn again if the player lost to Gargos (or started a new play though) before completing it.

Shadow Lords:

Big update to the pack system and mode as follows:

  • Pack system has been changed to offer an individual pack for every Guardian and rarity tier (Common, Rare, Epic, Killer and Crimson) for a total of 50 packs.
  • Health and Loot packs now always have the same predefined items, which are listed in their description.
  • All Common-Killer Guardian tier packs are now in offered on a daily rotation schedule.
  • A base set of packs are available every day which include Healing, Loot and a 3 lower tier Guardians.
  • Crimson Guardians are now offered on a weekly rotation schedule.
  • All Guardian’s Common-Epic tiers acquired from packs are now always ‘perfect’ (best version/stats of that tier). Killer and Crimson were already always ‘perfect’.
    • The exception is the Common Ram given to the player during the tutorial to the mode (only available first time playing Shadow Lords). This will not be ‘perfect’.
  • Adjusted the Astral Gem and KI Gold costs and Astral Energy included to reflect the new individual pack contents. Reduced costs on some existing packs.
  • Increased the Transmute Astral Gem values given for of all Guardians dramatically.
  • Decreased the Transmute Astral Energy values given for all of the Guardians. For every buff (gems) there is a nerf!
  • Increased the amount of Astral Energy needed to feed Killer and Crimson Guardians (aka cost per use).

KI Store:

  • Cost for XP Boosters reduced by 50%
  • On Steam: Fixed the error preventing purchase of KI Gold

The update has been pushed out to all versions of Killer Instinct on Xbox One, the Xbox app on Windows 10, and Steam. The version of the game, seen at the lower right of the title screen, should read as follows: 3.9.3901301.289364.r.

This update doesn't exactly come as a surprise as it was strongly hinted in a previous KI community stream that a patch was on the way. The stream in question took place near the end of July, showcasing a discussion over the history of Killer Instinct, competitive and otherwise, by a portion of the team responsible for bringing you the game. Included in the discussion were Ken Lobb and James Goddard from Microsoft.

The complete archive for their latest Killer Instinct highlight can be seen via YouTube.

For anyone hopeful: there were no indications of plans for a fourth season coming to the game.

Killer Instinct launched simultaneously with the Xbox One console in November 2013 as a console exclusive entity. In 2016, its exclusivity came to an end as the game was expanded to accommodate Windows 10 users, and then again to Steam just last year. Despite the initial restriction on its accessibility, the game was welcomed with open arms by FGC enthusiasts, particularly those who'd grown up enjoying the game in the arcades and on the Super Nintendo console.

The game was initially developed in collaboration with Microsoft and Double Helix Games, up until the latter was purchased by Amazon. This move prompted Microsoft to transition the role of developer to Iron Galaxy Studios, which is comprised of a group of fighting game veterans such as Adam "Keits" Heart and Isaac "Delriach" Torres. Whereas Season 1 was made by Double Helix, Iron Galaxy took over the reins to add in two additional seasons of content, along with an extra three fighters, one of which was used to bolster a KI community fund that launched at the beginning of 2017.

Killer Instinct resurrects a beloved classic from its slumber since the late 1990s - literally. Not only does it provide a modernized reboot of the combo-centric fighting game, it also integrates the first KI Classics into the DLC packages for its first two seasons. Both of the classics play exactly as their arcade incarnations did, with online gameplay and a user-friendly menu added to the recipe.

The game is available on Xbox One and PC (Windows 10 and Steam). A Definitive Edition of the product, which comes with every piece of content released throughout its lifespan (barring the three post-S3 characters released last year) is also available.

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