Release Date Announced for #OmenOfSorrow by @AOneGames: November 6, 2018

An official release date for AOneGames's Omen of Sorrow, a twelve-character fighting game where mythical creatures and warriors clash with one another across dark environments, has finally been dropped.

The game is set to launch as a Playstation 4 exclusive on November 6, 2018. Pre-orders for the game are currently being accepted via Amazon for $49.99

The game was first revealed in a special trailer shared at the Playstation Experience 2016 in Anaheim, California. Developed by AOneGames, a company based primarily in Chile, it features a roster based directly on characters from a series of fairy tales steeped in horror, fantasy and mythology.

Omen of Sorrow is a game designed by fighting game veterans that novices and experts alike are sure to enjoy. It will feature game mechanics with a staggering level of depth to them, and when mastered efficiently, the system will heavily reward a strong movement game as well as precise execution. While luck is an element across all fighting games, Omen of Sorrow plans to break away from that tradition by favoring skill over chance.

Better yet, players will be playing online via a netcode that utilizes the highly praised technique called rollback in order to provide a near-lagless experience, meaning that your gameplay will closely mirror that of offline gameplay. That said, Local Multiplayer will also be an option.

AOneGames has visited various events to promote their product, such as the fabled EVO Championships, and public opinion has been incredibly positive thus far. Upon the announcement of the release date, players have responded with enthusiasm over the fact that the game will be in their hands soon.

Plans for a potential release on other platforms have not been shared at this time.

For more updates on Omen of Sorrow, follow @AOneGames on Twitter and check out their official website.

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