August 16th Patch Notes for #DISSIDIAFFNT: Rinoa Heartily joins the fight!

Two days ago, Rinoa Heartily was released as a Season Pass fighter for DISSIDIA Final Fantasy NT, the fabled tag fighter that pits Final Fantasy characters against one another in environments derived from the franchise.

The Season Pass can be purchased here. It adds six DLC characters, as well as color variations and extra weapons for the included characters. Three of those characters - Rinoa, Vayne Caruda Solidor, and Locke Cole - are available in the base game as of now.

If you do not have the Season Pass, you can instead purchase the Rinoa Heartily Starter Pack once you install last Thursday's update. This gives you access to the character and a series of items you can equip to her, in addition to an extra weapon and costume set. The main pack itself is priced at $7.29.

Additional content has been included with the release of Rinoa Heartily.

First, two new cutscenes have been added to Dissidia's story mode, titled "Balance is Restored" and "Bittersweet Victory." A new stage called the Akademeia Fountain Courtyard, based on its original incarnation from Final Fantasy Type-0 and Final Fantasy Agito, has also been added to the game.

A series of character adjustments and system changes have also been implemented via the Rinoa Heartily patch. To review these changes, you can read up on them at this blog post by Square Enix.

The next DLC character, who has yet to be identified, is set to release this October, along with a new stage called Insomnia, based on the capital of Eos from Final Fantasy XV. Another character will surface this December, whereas the last will arrive on February 2019.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is available exclusively on the Playstation 4. To grab your copy and/or to learn more about the game, please visit

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