.@EvenMatchup Gaming signs #SSBM Player @Moky_Dokie

Tonight, Even Matchup Gaming announced the latest addition to their Smash Melee roster: Kurtis "@Moky_Dokie" Pratt, one of the top-level Fox players residing in Ontario, Canada!

Moky has trained regularly alongside a group of close friends since his discovery of Smash Melee. What ultimately inspired him to take his Melee skills to a competitive environment was watching a video documentary series called The Smash Brothers Documentary, which was published on YouTube by East Point Pictures. The series consists of up to nine episodes, and all of them shine an illuminating spotlight onto the history of the Smash Melee community.

Since watching The Smash Brothers Documentary, Moky took to applying himself in his extensive training. The fruits of his practice resulted in a third place finish at Summit 2016, as well as rewarding victories at Cosmic Shine 2018 for both Melee Singles and Melee Doubles. Additionally, he's finished in 33rd at Genesis 5, 25th at EGLX 2018, and 9th at Get On My Level 2018, which is recognized as the largest Smash event to take place in Canada.

Moky's recent climb through the rankings also led to him being labeled among the Top 50 Smash Melee competitors in the first Melee ranking system developed by @ThePGStats and @MeleeItOnMe: the Summer MGPR2018. His name appeared among the players ranked 41-50 in the MGPR's first iteration near the end of July.

With his entrance into EMG, Moky will be participating in Smash tournaments alongside other established veterans such as SuperGirlKels and Mistake, both of whom are considered overwhelming threats in the Smash Wii-U community.

Evolution 2018, which begins tomorrow in Las Vegas, will be where Moky makes his debut as a player for EMG. Around 1,350 players will be participating in a viciously stacked bracket for Melee at EVO, from which the last remaining eight finalists will progress to the Melee EVO Finals on-stage this Sunday, August 5th. The first round of pools for Melee are scheduled to begin tomorrow at 8 A.M. PST (11 A.M. EST).

Even Matchup Gaming, known as EMG in short, is a Canadian organization that specializes in event production and broadcasting. They contribute the equipment and staffing needed for various Smash events on a local and international level, whilst empowering their players to represent them at their finest around the world. They have previously worked with companies such as Red Bull Esports and even Nintendo.

You can learn more about EMG at www.evenmatchup.ca.

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