Kumite in Tennessee 2019 Lineup revealed by @KumiteGaming

The lineup for Kumite in Tennessee, the flagship event hosted by the Kumite Gaming esports organization, was recently revealed yesterday.

In the wake of new releases coming later this year, the KIT 2019 lineup has been adjusted to include the newer titles, such as Smash Ultimate, which is set to join a growing amount of Nintendo Switch titles receiving esports support. In addition to the primary lineup, a series of side events have been announced for the upcoming event.

The complete lineup can be seen in the Twitter post below.

Updates to the lineup may be possible depending on community feedback.

Registration and venue have yet to be announced at this time, but given the history of Kumite in Tennessee's choice of venue, it is more than likely that Kumite's flagship event will be held in Franklin TN next January once again.

Kumite in Tennessee, founded by Ian "@KITVandy" Davis, was established almost a decade ago and fully embraced by the midwestern FGC. In recent years, sibling events such as Midwest Championships and Midsouth Championships were spawned from KIT, prompting Vandy to rename his organization Kumite Gaming even as the fighting game community experienced rapid spikes in growth.

Just last weekend, Kumite in Texas completed its first run at the Irving Convention Center, a 275,000-square-foot venue located primarily in Dallas. Running simultaneously with Low Tier City 6, a Smash-centric event, the latest addition to the Kumite Gaming family witnessed a turnout of over a thousand players spread across a lineup of around twenty titles, making for an incredibly successful debut.

Future updates on KIT are expected to surface at @KumiteGaming on Twitter.

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