#FirstToTen Interviews the #EVO2018 #Injustice2 World Champion, Noble @RewindFGC

Last week, @RomanonaNRS decided to break tradition by releasing her next interview on her "FirstToTen" blog series a day earlier than usual, and with incredibly good reason.

Her next piece of content features a detailed discussion with a young man who has just recently earned the honor to be called the Injustice 2 EVO World Champion this year, and that is Noble Rewind, one of four highly talented players that make up the NRS division in Noble Esports.

Rewind, now a senior in high school, was one of your resident online warriors who'd always been spotted engaging in strenuous exhibitions on Mortal Kombat XL. While far from his first encounter with the genre (he'd previously played Tekken 3 with his uncles at a tender age), the young man decided to invest time and effort into improving his skills in NRS games. His new passion would go hand-in-hand with his interest in basketball.

Before anyone could blink, Rewind's extensive training regimen had evolved into more than merely a blip on a radar. However, it wasn't until Injustice 2, and subsequently the launch of the Injustice 2 Pro Series, that he would have an opportunity to show the fruits of his training in an offline environment. He not only surpassed everyone's expectations including his own, he also shattered them outright, making constant appearances in the upper brackets of events.

Rewind's efforts would soon catch the attention of Noble Esports, who signed him into their NRS roster alongside Tweedy, iLuusions and Semiij, thus solidifying one of the strongest NRS lineups known in the community. Since the beginning of Season 2 for the Injustice 2 Pro Series, Noble's players have taken every major event that has occurred on USA soil: Combo Breaker in Chicago, CEO in Daytona Beach,...

...and just recently, EVO 2018 in Las Vegas, where Rewind himself would be crowned the Injustice 2 World Champion!

As a dumbstruck Rewind accepted his trophy, he struggled to digest what had transpired atop the EVO stage. But even then, his grind never stops: shortly after his victory, Rewind was spotted online on the Playstation Network logged in to Injustice 2. Truly, one of the signs of a hungry competitor is that his mind is always on the next match, no matter where he may find it!

Curious to see what Rewind had to say about his achievement? You can read up on his FirstToTen interview here, but we'll leave you an excerpt to get you eager to see more! Check it out.

FirstToTen: Thank you for being a part of First to Ten. Please as tradition, let everyone know a little bit about who you are and where you are from?

Rewind: Thank you for having me. My name is Curtis, or Rewind as everyone knows me by. I am from Las Vegas, NV. I am also a 17 year old kid in his senior year of high school.

FirstToTen: When did you decide to take fighting games seriously?  What game was your first one?

Rewind: My first fighting game I ever touched was Tekken 3. I was 4 or 5 years old  when my uncles were playing and let me play. I decided to take fighting games more serious in MKX. In that game I decided to enter my first offline tournament which was EVO 2016. I got 25th place which I thought was pretty good. I actually didn’t start traveling until late Aug 2017 into early 2018 for Injustice 2.

FirstToTen: How much time do you put in when training for tournaments?  Do you ever struggle with distractions?

Rewind: I train like 2-3 hours a day with my training partners Semiij & Sonic. I can’t play too long or else I get burnt out on the game at which that point I go autopilot and don’t learn much. My only real distraction would have to be watching my 2 year old sister everyday.

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You can catch Noble Rewind participating in our Injustice 2 circuit called War of the Gods, which is nearing the end of its third season! All broadcasts pertaining to War of the Gods can be found at www.stream.me/war.

In addition, followers of the Injustice 2 Pro Series can tune in to all of its events at www.stream.me/netherrealm! For more details on the Pro Series itself, please see www.injustice.com/esports.

Finally, many thanks to Romanova for sharing her content with the Netherrealm Studios community! You can follow her on Twitter and at www.firsttoten.com to keep up to date with her future interviews.

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