Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 8

Season 3 of War of the Gods is winding down to its final phase. With only two weeks left to go before the Season Finale, the league points to be earned have become incredibly crucial.

With last night's preliminaries behind us, we have our Week 8 finalists locked in for this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time. Among them is the returning champion from Week 7, also the fourth player to take a weekly bracket this season: Noble Rewind. Joining him will be DF Grr, the dual Atom/Bane specialist who claimed Week 3 for his own.

The Week 8 finals will also feature a series of new faces, one of which will be recognized by fans of the Kombat Cup - sooneo, the Mournful Kitana who has now progressed to being a Cyborg specialist in Injustice 2. While his Top 8 appearances in Kombat Cup were few in number, each of his showings were like fireworks: astounding.

In addition to sooneo, BxA Anbu Getreked, after falling short of a Top 8 result multiple times, has finally broken his curse through the force of his sheer rage (yes, he is an Atrocitus player). Yet come this Wednesday, he will have no opportunity to relax, as his first opponent will be Noble Tweedy, who was dropped into the lower bracket by sooneo himself.

Topping off this Wednesday's bracket will be TSS Deoxys, MCG TitaniumTiger and the exalted Flash God Lord, BC HoneyBee. Deoxys and HoneyBee stand within arm's reach of entering qualifying territory for the Season Finale, whereas TitaniumTigerzz is sitting comfortably in 5th place due to his past results and his next Top 8 entrance.

The results of this week's War of the Gods finals will play a powerful role in shaping the course of the Season Finale, for which a schedule has finally been determined...September 2, 2018.

Will the standings endure a dramatic shake-up by the end of this weekly finals, or will they remain unchanged?! As per usual, the only means of answering that to tune in to this Wednesday's bracket at!

Those who missed out on the Week 8 preliminaries have some catching up to do, and they can begin watching this archive right now to get started, or they can wait for the upload to our YouTube channel. Furthermore, it is recommended you follow the channel (if you have not done so already) to stay updated on Season 3 of War of the Gods.

After this week, only one week will be open for participation. Sign-ups for Week 9 are available right now and can be done via

Good luck to our Week 8 finalists!

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