#SmashBrosUltimate will be playable at #DHMTL18 on September 7-9

Smash Bros Ultimate will be seeing the light of day yet again before its official release on December 7th, but not in the United States.

Instead, the highly-anticipated successor to Smash for Wii-U and 3DS will be headed to the Montreal Olympic Stadium in Canada, where DreamHack Montreal 2018 is scheduled to take place, on September 7-9, 2018!

Footage of Ultimate gameplay from previous events, including CEO 2018 and EVO 2018, have surfaced on YouTube already, and you can likely expect to see more of it after Dreamhack Montreal runs its course. If you'd like to study up on the gameplay in Ultimate, we will link a few samples below for you to enjoy.

Also, in case you missed it, gameplay for three of the newcomers headed to Smash Ultimate - King K. Rool, Dark Samus and Chrom - surfaced via the Japanese Nintendo YouTube just this morning! Check out this article to watch that gameplay.

For anyone wishing to attend DreamHack Montreal, they will need to purchase a pass by going to www.dreamhack.com/montreal. Afterward, they can visit smash.gg/tournament/dreamhack-montreal-2018/ to register for any games of their choice. In addition to the fee required for a ticket purchase, a $1 entry fee per game will be charged.

While Smash Ultimate will not have a bracket, Smash Bros fans can enjoy competitive gameplay for both Melee and Smash Wii-U, along with other titles to be included in the lineup. The full list of games to be featured at Dreamhack Montreal is as follows:

- Smash Wii-U (singles and doubles)
- Smash Melee (singles and doubles)
- Street Fighter V
- Dragonball FighterZ
- Brawlhalla (singles and doubles)

Smash Ultimate is shaping up to be the ultimate celebration (pun NOT intended) of the Super Smash Bros franchise. Every character that has ever been playable in any Smash title is coming together to form the most stacked lineup ever seen in just about any title, along with newcomers joining the fight (examples include King K. Rool and Simon Belmont). Some, however, have been re-classified as Echo Fighters, a group of characters who serve as counter-parts to those whose toolsets are similar to their own (example: Marth and Lucina; Chrom and Roy; Samus and Dark Samus).

Along with the roster, almost every stage seen in the Smash titles will be available, as will an assortment of new features that have left the Smash community utterly intrigued. For instance, players can enable the all-new Stage Morph option to have one arena transform into another mid-match, and they can also implement rules on how stages will be selected after each match.

Visit www.smashbros.com to learn more about Smash Utimate and/or to reserve your copy of the game, which will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch this December.

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