August 2018 Update for @FantasyStrike adds Survival Mode, Daily Challenges, and an increase in game speed

Yesterday, Fantasy Strike received its next content update, and it's packed to the brim with not only balance changes but also new single-player modes.

One of these new modes is a staple of just about every fighting game that exists today: the Survival Mode. Up to four settings are available in this mode; you can elect to fight against 20, 35 or 50 opponents one-at-a-time, or take on an extremely challenging "Cruel Mode" where you fight ten extra-strong opponents.

The catch? You only get one life bar in any of the Survival Modes, period. While you do heal one life point at a time (two if you defeat what is known as a "metal boss"), you are still left with very little room for error.

Completing any of the Survival Modes earns you a crown that indicates your accomplishment.

The other addition to Fantasy Strike's single-player content is Daily Challenges. This can only be played once per day, and it is basically an indicator of how far you can get in Survival Mode. Upon the completion of your session, your score will be compared to that of other players who attempted to challenge Survival Mode within the last 24 hours. The result might be worth sharing via your personal Twitter!

That covers the single-player content, so on to the general gameplay adjustments. While the August 2018 update comes with a respectable amount of balance changes, the one tweak that has earned everybody's attention is the increase in the speed of the gameplay - an increase of 8%, to be exact. This change was tested out by players who'd tried out the game while at Evolution 2018 during the first weekend of August, and it has received an overwhelmingly positive response, thus prompting Sirlin Games to implement the change into the main build.

As for the balance changes, the complete list can be found at this blog post from the official Fantasy Strike website.

Fantasy Strike is a shining example of the fact that big things come in small packages. It features ten unique characters battling one another across beautifully detailed environments, with players utilizing controls that are quite simple to learn. However, for those wishing to perform at a tournament level, Fantasy Strike comes with a staggering level of depth that will be challenging for even experts to master.

The game introduces a unique counter move called the Yomi Counter, which is performed by simply "letting go of your controls." Landing this Counter will inflict significant damage to your opponent while instantly refilling your Super Meter, which gives you access to enhanced abilities. However, the Yomi Counter is ineffective against throw-based attacks.

It is currently available as a Steam-exclusive title, but Sirlin Games, developer of Fantasy Strike, announced months ago that they will import the game to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles in the near future. As of now, a release date has yet to be shared, but it appears that early 2019 is the target for the full release.

Want to give the game a go? We highly recommend it! You can scoop it up for $19.99 right now by simply visiting this page.

Also, as previously mentioned, Fantasy Strike made a prominent appearance at the Evolution Championships, which were housed for the third year in a row in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on August 3-5. Fighting game enthusiasts from just about every scene have clamored to try out the incredibly accessible fighting game, and the feedback has been enormously positive.

A 64-player side tournament was hosted at EVO (though there were actually 90 players who'd signed up) so as to put the players' skill to the test. See below for a recap video that shows off Fantasy Strike's reception at the world's biggest fighting game tournament.

For further updates concerning Fantasy Strike, follow @FantasyStrike on Twitter and consider paying a visit to their official Discord channel.

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