A "Behind The Scenes" look at StreamMe's #Injustice2 Circuit: #WarOfTheGods!

War of the Gods has become one of the iconic attractions provided by StreamMe since the days of its predecessor, the Kombat Cup. From Mortal Kombat XL to Injustice 2, we have strived to perfect the recipe for a maintained competitive environment for the Netherrealm Studios community, which has evolved considerably since its "rebirth" in 2011.

We launched War of the Gods shortly after Injustice 2 was released to gamers worldwide in May 2017. It has since become a source of our fondest memories, supporting approximately eight-thousand entrants and counting from all three seasons combined. Up to $30,000 in total cash prizes have also been distributed to the winners of each bracket.

As a popular saying goes, "Go big or go home." That is why StreamMe has invested enormous effort into providing an experience packed with a quality matched by very few production teams. From beautifully rendered graphics, to gripping soundtrack, to a level of gameplay leaving jaws hanging near the floor, and perhaps best of all, a duo of commentators (Mister Aquaman and Echo) whose ability to involve the audience is uncanny.

Naturally, the foundation for War of the Gods was built upon by lifelong members of the NRS community, of which a portion was spawned by the birth of the earlier titles: Mortal Kombat 9 (2011) and Injustice: Gods Among Us, both of which are the predecessors to the more recent games we know today.

But while our team has provided the framework for War of the Gods, we ultimately owe our gratitude to you, the players and audience who provided the soul into our vessel every week for well over a year now. Many of you have astounded us so with your decorative approach to the expansive meta in NRS games, and we are honored to have had the privilege of witnessing history in the making.

As a gesture of our gratitude, we invite you to step through the curtains for a first-hand look at what goes on behind the scenes with the War of the Gods production team, right inside the StreamMe studio at San Antonio, Texas! Just be wary of Aquaman's Trident Rush...it hurts.

Are you newcomers to StreamMe? If so, you may not have heard of War of the Gods up until now, but fortunately we have a treasure trove of tournament footage for you to delve into! All of that footage has been uploaded to our YouTube page - check it out!

For our regular viewers, please be advised that we will be entering into our final weekly bracket for Season 3 of War of the Gods this Sunday, August 26th. The Week 9 finals will then follow later on Wednesday, and once that has reached its conclusion, the way to the Season Finale will be clear. The finale itself is scheduled for September 2nd.

All information pertaining to War of the Gods may be reviewed at info.stream.me/war.

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