New #DBFZ Ranking System by @ThePGStats coming on August 27th: the #PGRZ!

The team behind the existence of the Panda Global Rankings, a collection of statistics that determine the best Smash 4 (and now Melee) players of each tournament season, has decided to make their first jaunt into foreign territory by releasing what is known as the PGRZ.

In case the "Z" did not give it away, the PGRZ will adopt the same structure as that of the Smash 4 and Melee rankings, except that it will graph the fifty best Dragonball FighterZ players of each season. Results from the game's release in January 26th to the conclusion of the Evolution 2018 Championships will be used to compile the first PGRZ iteration.

A fifth of the total players ranked among the best in the world will be released with each entry in the PGRZ. The first portion of that information will surface on August 27th, whereas the remainder will surface throughout all of the incoming week, up till the 31st.

According to @PG_suar, director for the Panda Global Stats system since its inception in 2016, the feedback used to structure the PGRZ came via discussions with commentators, event organizers and also community leaders. This is done "in order to determine the scope and depth of the scene and created parameters modeled after the most relevant events of the year," as quoted here in his Twitter post.

In essence, the statistics used to create the PGRZ are a by-product of community feedback combined with endless research by the PGR team.

In an effort to push beyond their boundaries further, the PGR team has expressed a desire to deliver their ranking system to the doorstep of other FGC communities, such as Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V. However, it is not yet known when this expansion will occur.

Up to five iterations of the PGR Smash 4 rankings were released over the past two years, with the latest version being released at the beginning of August. The Smash 4 ranking system can be reviewed in its entirety at this page on SmashGG. It archives the placements, characters and tier positions of each player listed.

Also worth noting that the PGR crew partnered with Red Bull Esports to publish its fifth iteration earlier this month. The composition of their latest rankings can also be seen at this page by Red Bull.

Likewise, the first iteration of the #MPGR2018, which calculates the best Smash Melee players known today, can be found at this article by Red Bull.

Source: @ThePGStats

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