Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] (#UNIST) is now available on Steam (PC)

Earlier this week, the latest installation in French Bread's Under Night In-Birth series finally made a transition from consoles to Steam (PC)! Players can now purchase EXE:Late[st] on Steam to enjoy a roster of twenty characters and 2D-based gameplay in animated environments.

The game originally launched in arcades for 2015 as an update to its previous incarnation, EXE:Late. In addition to adding new characters to the roster, EXE:Late[st] also introduced a new combat mechanic called Cross Cast Veil Off, which allows an infinite use of enhanced special attacks for as long as it's active. It also grants a temporary period of invincibility, making it a powerful escape option.

A complete rebalance of the cast was also performed during and after EXE:Late[st]'s release, even during the game's transition to the Playstation family of consoles. More characters - Enkidu and Wagner, to be specific - were also added in upon the game's console release.

The Under Night In-Birth series comes with sharply detailed graphics that make up the various environments in which the characters do battle. Players can enjoy utilizing unique anime mechanics, such as the air dash and the Grind Grid, to perform deadly combos and set up offensive situations.

Steam players can pick up their copy of the game right now at this page. While initially priced for $39.99, a 10% discount is currently in effect, meaning that the game will temporarily come with a price tag of $35.99.

For any Playstation 4 owners in America harboring an interest in EXE:Late[st], they can visit here to pick up their digital copy for the PS4.

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