Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 9

The end of Season 3 is upon us.

With the completion of Week 9 preliminaries, we are left with only the Week 9 finals for the season. On behalf of all of us at StreamMe, we are deeply thankful for those of you who entered our brackets, whether it be for the goal of perfecting your Injustice 2 skills or for supporting our growing community.

With that, we are proud to present our final Top 8, which will lay out the foundation for next Sunday's Season Finale!

Out of the eight finalists, akawebbs is the only newcomer to the arena. He suffered a 3-0 loss to Nubcakes in the Winner's Finals of his pool, but he kept his dream alive by taking out Underwater 3-1 in Loser's Finals so as to progress to the Top 8. The first obstacle in his path this Wednesday will be TSS Deoxys, who'd barely edged out one87 Vendetta 3-2 to survive in his own pool, thereby preventing an upset.

DF Grr, who'd escorted both Vendetta and Deoxys into Loser's Bracket for Pool 3, barged into the Week 9 finals in a very convincing fashion. Having previously won one bracket (Week 3, to be exact), he stands poised to add to his win streak just before the finale is set to start...however, should he defeat Nubcakes in his first match, he faces either a runback against Noble Semiij or a walking oven labeled EMPEROR KOMBAT.

After finally breaking into a finals bracket last week, sooneo returned once again in an effort to finish the job. He entered Loser's Bracket early in his pool, but was able to overcome a tiresome gauntlet, taking out many formidable opponents along the way to secure his spot in Top 8. HZRDS EMPEROR KNICKS performed a similar feat, entering Loser's via his pool but surviving the entirety of Loser's Bracket to bring the wrath of Apokolips upon the other finalists.

War S3 W9.jpg

Is Semiij prepared to restart his legendary streak in War of the Gods, or will he be overtaken by a new champion? The answers will surface this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time! Be sure you are following our channel at, and that your email notifications are enabled, so that you do not miss out on our live broadcast!

For those who were unable to tune in to the Week 9 pools last night, we have a YouTube archive available for your eyes to take in! See below and enjoy.

As far as the Season Finale is concerned, we would like to remind all our readers that only the top 8 points holders in the circuit will advance to the endpoint of Season 3 this Sunday. Throughout the season, players have competed to collect league points in varying amounts relevant to their placing. The players finishing in Top 32 each week would be awarded points, with the largest share (150) naturally going to the winners.

Out of the current Top 8 (depicted here in our War S3 standings), the Top 4 are completely locked in for the finale regardless of how Week 9 plays out:

- Noble Semiij
- Method SylverRye
- Noble Rewind
- DF Grr

We'd like to congratulate the quartet for their outstanding performance throughout the entire season! We will be excited to see them return this Sunday to duke it out for the title of War of the Gods Season 3 Champion.

As of now, the following players currently occupy the latter half of the Top 8, but are subject to a risk of either a change in seed and/or being completely barred from entering the Finale:

- Noble Tweedy
- MCG TitaniumTigerzz

Finally, the players who have broken into the Week 9 finals and therefore have a flicker of hope for their place in the finale:

- Nubcakes
- TSS Deoxys

However, the requirement these two must fulfill to shake up the standings is extremely strict...both players must make Grand Finals, and Nubcakes must finish in at least second place. Deoxys, on the other hand, must win the whole bracket. Should Nubcakes win, he will successfully steal for himself a place in the Season Finale, but Deoxys will be gate-kept.

Furthermore, a change in points from either KOMBAT or KNICKS will cause a shift in the seeding for the Season Finale, which determines the first match-ups that will be played out in the final bracket. Both will also need to win at least one match this Wednesday in order to eliminate any risk of being pushed out of the qualifying positions for the Finale.

Should the above occur, Tweedy and Tigerzz will be at risk of failing to pass into the Finale. While the criteria to cause this upset is incredibly tight, the mere possibility alone is enough to create a palpable tension.

If you share in our eagerness to see who our next Season Finale participants will be, we highly recommend that you do not miss out on our broadcast this Wednesday! We hope to see you at that time.

Once again, to all who have participated in a glorious third season for our Injustice 2 circuit...we thank you for the memories you have given us. Your support never goes unnoticed. Continue grinding and we hope to see more from you!

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