NEW CHARACTER "Azwel" revealed for #SoulCaliburVI

Mere days after Bandai's trailers for Tira and the "Libra of Soul" Story Mode (seen here) from Soul Calibur VI surfaced on the Internet, a follow-up trailer was quickly released. This one targets a character that briefly appeared in the story mode trailer, but had never been identified by name until last weekend.

As the main antagonist of Libra of Soul, Azwel joins the Soul Calibur cast as an all-new fighter.

Azwel, who is given the nickname "Leader of Humanity," is a boisterous villain who wields a powerful weapon called the Palindrome, which gives him the ability to conjure physical weapons out of thin air. His intelligence is so vast that even the gods feel threatened by him, a feat that little to no mortals have ever managed in the Soul Calibur universe.

Out of a wild effort to better the human race he holds a deep passion for, Azwel joined with the Aval Organization in order to research the Evil Seed. His discoveries led him to formulate a plan to "raise mankind to a higher level," an action he dubs the "Ultimate Seed."

He will be available alongside seventeen other characters as part of the base roster for Soul Calibur VI, which launches for PS4, Xbox One and PC (Steam) on October 19, 2018. Players can visit Bandai Namco's official website in order to pre-order their copy.

And yes, the jokes stemming from Azwel's name have already begun to color the Internet.

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