.@echofoxgg welcomes @shadowversegame Player @Cure_Mango to the #FOXFAM

Last night, the prestigious Echo Fox took their first steps into card game territory by signing their first Shadowverse player, Cure Mango!

Having been a competitor since his win in the inaugural tournament for Season 1 of the Shadowverse Open, Cure Mango holds a Grandmaster rank in the digital card game designed by Japan's Cygames Esports. He is currently striving to qualify for the Shadowverse World Grand Prix, which takes place mid-December in Japan and has a prize pool of over a million dollars split across the Top 24 finishers.

A second addition to Echo Fox's new Shadowverse roster is planned "in the near future."

Shadowverse is a digital card game that is playable on both mobile and Steam (PC). The game first released for Android and iOS in June 2016, and it quickly attracted incredible recognition by the end of July. An additional release brought the game over to Steam in October 2016. Overseas promotions began the following year.

Shadowverse follows a turn-by-turn format where players draw cards from their decks to construct immaculate strategies in the hopes of turning the tide of battle. Players begin matches with three-card hands and a Leader card with 20 Defense. The objective is to reduce the opposing Leader's defense power to 0, or to attain a victory condition using specified cards (think of Exodia from the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG as a comparison).

The game is free to play and can be downloaded immediately at www.shadowverse.com. New card sets are released every three months to keep the meta fresh.

Follow @echofoxgg and @Cure_Mango on Twitter to stay in touch with their latest venture into competitive Shadowverse!

Source: www.echofox.gg

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