"The Gaming Stadium," Canada's first esports stadium, will open at Vancouver in early 2019!

In recent years, companies have begun erecting esports arcades around the globe. Examples include the following:

- the Red Bull Gaming Sphere by Red Bull Esports, for which two locations have opened in Tokyo and the United Kingdom.
- the Esports Arena which originated in Orange County CA three years ago. It has since expanded to Las Vegas NV and to NorCal's Oakland.

Along with the locations named above, the USA's first official Esports Stadium is scheduled to open in Arlington Texas later this fall. The stadium will consist of a 100,000-square-foot venue that can house up to a thousand spectators, as well as VIP amenities and year-round event potential. This achievement was made possible by a strong partnership between the mayor of Arlington and NGAGE Esports, which is headed by Jonathan Outdhone.

Now, Canada is set to join the list of countries that feature an esports stadium. Earlier this week, @TheAirRyu a.k.a. Kenny "Air" Lam, a retired Street Fighter competitor who played a powerhouse Ryu in the Street Fighter 4 series, appeared on the Global BC TV network to drop a bombshell of an announcement concerning a new esports stadium coming to Vancouver in early 2019.

The new venue has been named "The Gaming Stadium."

The stadium will be built in Richmond, British Columbia with up to 250 seats and forty computer setups. As written at www.thegamestadium.com, its goal is to "cultivate the next generation of gamers." It will be open to gamers of all ages and skill levels, and plans to host a variety of tournaments and gaming workshops at The Gaming Stadium are underway.

"They can come play casually, or you can play to become a pro, or you can just come here to hang with your friends," says AirRyu.

Dan Cybak, CEO of The Gaming Stadium, had the following to say in regards to the newest addition to the esports industry:

"Today is an exciting day for me and the entire team at The Gaming Stadium. We have been working hard to get this off the ground. Our team is made up of people who have been organizing and participating in tournaments in this city for years. We have built a group that covers all aspects of esports. This facility is truly built by gamers for gamers. We have so much in store for everyone and we are excited to continue making announcements leading up to launch. This is going to change the landscape of esports in Vancouver.”

We, too, are just as excited for the opening of The Gaming Stadium!

Along with Mr. Cybak, the "squad," better known as the Board of Directors for The Gaming Stadium, consists of a team where a majority of its members founded their own contributions to esports, such as Canada's first-ever esports lounge and an online bitcoin gaming platform called the Leet. All will be taking an all-business and no-nonsense approach to the cultivation of Canada's community...well, mostly no-nonsense as the Board does not shy away from cracking jokes about themselves. :D

If you missed the broadcast talking about the new esports stadium on Global BC, you can watch the YouTube clip below to learn more.

For more updates on The Gaming Stadium, follow @GamingStadiumCS on Twitter and check out their official website.

Source: www.newswire.com

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