Anna Williams, Lei Wulong and NEGAN from #TheWalkingDead to be included in Season 2 Pass for #Tekken7!

The surprises have been rolling in at the Evolution Championships 2018 in Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay, but for Tekken fanatics,  this latest twist may very well have knocked all the others out of the park!

After previous hints towards a second Season Pass for Tekken 7, it has finally become a reality! A release date for the pass has yet to be disclosed, but via a trailer that just dropped after the Tekken 7 World Finals at EVO, we know that six fighters will be entering the arena in the near future.

Included among these fighters are two familiar faces: Anna Williams, bodyguard of Kazuya Mishima; and Lei Wulong, a stylish entertainer who utilizes a series of fighting styles all in one.

The third character, however, is a guest character...hailing from a franchise that nobody expected would intersect with the Tekken universe. In fact, this particular character does not come from a separate game franchise, but rather from a popular television series that became a big hit in recent years.

Take a look at the trailer and prepare to be blown away!

That's right: in addition to Anna and Lei Wulong, Negan from The Walking Dead will be inevitably added to the roster in Tekken 7!

It's far from the first occasion where a character with a status similar to Negan's crossed over into a fighting game. Followers of the Soul Calibur franchise will recall the inclusion of two Star Wars characters, Master Yoda and Darth Vader, in Soul Calibur IV, which released for the previous generation consoles. Given that the IPs for both Tekken and Soul Calibur are in the possession of Bandai Namco, it's not too out of left field to see a similar stunt being pulled with the Tekken franchise, but regardless, the surprise was delivered in a manner so well-executed that the entire FGC has been left speechless from shock - including us!

More updates to come, but for now, consider picking up your copy of Tekken 7 for Playstation 4, Xbox One or Steam (PC) so that you can get ready for the next battle!

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If you'd like to experience the first wave of DLC, you can purchase the Season 1 Pass for Tekken 7 to play as Geese Howard from Fatal Fury and Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy XV! It is available on all platforms supporting Tekken 7.

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