COOLER revealed for #DragonballFighterZ + Base Goku and Base Vegeta set to release on August 8th!

With the conclusion of tonight's Dragonball FighterZ Grand Finals at Evolution 2018, we got yet another surprise to look forward to later this week!

This Wednesday, August 8th, the base forms of Goku and Vegeta will join the DBFZ lineup! Holders of the DBFZ FighterZ Pass will gain instant access to both characters upon their release.

But want more? Oh, you're gonna get more! Check out the trailer below from Bandai Namco for a look at the next DLC fighter coming up!

Cooler, the antagonist of the movie Dragonball Z: Cooler's Revenge, the elder brother of Frieza and the youngest son of King confirmed as a future addition to the DBFZ roster!

No release date was given for him, however. As well, additional details regarding the Nintendo Switch beta for Dragonball FighterZ, which is scheduled to start this month, were not shared by DBFZ producer Tomoko Hiroki at EVO, but we remain hopeful that it will launch along with Base Goku and Base Vegeta this Wednesday.

In the meantime, the game is currently available on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam)! Pick up your copy today and get ready to throw down!

Dragonball FighterZ - PSN Store
Dragonball FighterZ - Xbox One
Dragonball FighterZ - Steam Store

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