Nine DLC Fighters coming to #BBTAG on August 6th!

Last night, the BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle World Finals ran their course at their first appearance in the Evolution Championships. Out of approximately 1,200 players, Heiho would ultimately be crowned the first BBTAG World Champion.

Shortly afterward, ArcSystemWorks took to the stage with an intriguing trailer showcasing a series of surprises. The first of those surprises is that nine new characters will be added to the BBTAG roster through three separate Character Packs, all of which will be released simultaneously on August 6th (that's tomorrow!).

The characters are as follows:

From BlazBlue

- Nine The Phantom
- Izayoi
- Mai Natsume

From Under Night In-Birth

- Yuzuhira
- Mika
- Merkava

From Persona 4 Arena

- Akihiko Sanada
- Mitsuru Kirijo
- Labrys

The other surprise is...well, it's quite a curious sight. Initially, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle focused on characters from four separate franchises in the anime FGC world, which includes all three of the series named above and a fourth series called RWBY.

Yet, at the end of the trailer seen below, we see a fifth square, colored pink, joining four others representing the four known franchises in Cross Tag. Could this possibly signal the inclusion of characters from a fifth anime game? Perhaps Guilty Gear?!

We'll leave you that trailer below to judge for yourself.

Once again, all nine characters will be immediately playable in Cross Tag Battle beginning tomorrow. The game itself is available right now for Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam (PC).

Source: @ArcSystemWorksU

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