ArcRevo World Tour 2019 announced for Fall 2018-2019 by @ArcSystemWorksU

In case you missed the big news at EVO, ArcSystemWorks announced a year-long circuit called the ArcRevo World Tour 2019.

The tour will span the entire globe supporting a series of events including these three games: BlazBlue: Central Fiction, Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2, and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. A prize pool of up to $100,000 USD will be split across the entire tour.

Events affiliated with the ArcRevo World Tour will serve as qualifiers to the final destination in California. The winners of each qualifier will be immediately locked in for the grand finale. Qualifiers will take place across the Americas, Asia, Japan and Europe.

The console on which all three titles will be played has yet to be announced, but given their tournament history, it is a safe bet to assume that the Playstation 4 will be that console. The tour itself is scheduled to begin this October.

Thus far, the following events have been confirmed as part of the ArcRevo World Tour:

From America

EVO 2019 - Las Vegas, Nevada
Frosty Faustings - Chicago, Illinois
CEO 2019 - Daytona Beach, Florida
Texas Showdown - Houston, Texas

From Europe

Revolution - London, England
Brusseles Challenge - Brussels, Belgium
Headstomper - Copenhagen, Denmark

From Japan

ARCREVO Japan 2018 - Tokyo
EVO Japan 2019 - Fukuoka

From Asia

Southeast Asia Major (SEAM) - Singapore

Are you ready to rock?!

Stay tuned to for future updates concerning the ArcRevo World Tour. Additionally, follow @ArcSystemWorksU on Twitter.

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