#EVOJapan2019 comes to the Fukuoka Kokusai Center on February 15-17!

As previously reported in this article, news regarding the next chapter of EVO Japan surfaced back during the first week of July. Japan's annual celebration of the fighting game genre will take place in Fukuoka, instead of Tokyo, on February 15-17, 2019.

But where in Fukuoka? That question remained unanswered until the EVO World Finals just yesterday, during which a special trailer surfaced on stream.

The new venue for EVO Japan will be at the Fukuoka Kokusai Center, one of three buildings that make up the Fukuoka Convention Center.

The Fukuoka Kokusai Center opened almost four decades ago in 1981. Every November, Grand Sumo Tournaments are conducted at the Kokusai Center. The sport is one of many attractions that are made popular in Japanese culture.

The other two buildings that make up the Fukuoka Convention Center are the Marine Messe Fukuoka, which is mainly used as a sporting arena and able to seat up to around 15,000 people; and the Fukuoka International Congress Center, which opened in 2003.

Additional information including a tournament lineup and registration have yet to be released. Such information will be shared to evojapan.net once it becomes available.

The first EVO Japan occurred in Tokyo at the Sunshine City Bunka Kaikan Building and Akiba Square in January 2018. The lineup featured seven games, but a series of side tournaments supporting upcoming releases also took place. In spite of the fact that this year marked EVO's first attempt to expand to territories outside of America, almost seven-thousand players in total were in attendance.

With a successful EVO Japan in the books, as well as Las Vegas's EVO 2018, the team behind the brand is gearing up for its return trip to Japan in six months from now.

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