Two New Leagues added to #SFVAE Ranked Match: Ultimate Grand Master and Warlord

As reported here, Sagat and G have finally made their way to the ring in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! This officially completes the cast of characters to be featured in Season 3.

Naturally, a variety of costumes complete with alternate color options were included for both characters, as was Birdie's CPT Champion's Choice costume, which is designed to the liking of RISE MenaRD, the previous Capcom Cup champion. This particular costume will be included in the CPT 2018 DLC package, which is available right now.

(to purchase the CPT 2018 DLC pack for Street Fighter V, boot up the game and select the "Shop" option, then select the "Special" option)

As well, the online ranking system in Street Fighter V has been expanded to include two new ranks: Ultimate Grand Master and Warlord. The former is awarded to players sitting in the 100,000-299,999 LP range, whereas Warlord is awarded to those with 300,000 LP or more. How far up the ladder are you willing to climb to achieve either grade?

Furthermore, upon completing a Ranked Match or Casual Match, you will now have the option to "Begin Training with this Character." By selecting this option, you will begin a session in Training Mode using both of the characters that were just played in your previous match, making it possible for you to begin labbing straightaway should you run into a scenario that confuses you.

Finally...there are patch notes included. But these do not target balance in any way, rather they are meant to address unintended behaviors in gameplay, a.k.a. bugs. You can view the complete notes for today's Version 2.05 update for Street Fighter V here.

Sagat and G are now available for holders of the Street Fighter V Season Pass. Non-holders can still purchase the characters separately using in-game Fight Money or by going to the PSN or Steam Store to select an online payment method. If you'd prefer to scoop up the Season Pass right now, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform of choice:

Street Fighter V Season 3 Character Pass - Steam Store
Street Fighter V Season 3 Character Pass - Playstation Store

Ready to learn both characters but have no idea where to start? Matt "@TheStreetWriter" Edwards has released two video tutorials demonstrating the both of them, and you can check them out below!

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