Results for #WarOfTheGods #EVO2018 Edition Bracket

While the EVO 2018 Sunday finals were ongoing, we decided to resurrect the Pop-Up Tour for a unique bracket called War of the Gods: EVO Edition!

Unlike the official circuit, this special event featured a unique ruleset. Instead of double elimination, a single elimination format was used, with a tie-breaker match reserved for third place. In addition, a $500 payout was shared across the Top 3.

It was organized with a last-minute notice, but we were still able to produce a bracket consisting of 42 talented players in the Injustice 2 community, with the EVO 2018 Champion, Noble Rewind, among them!

If you've been following Seasons 1 to 3 of War of the Gods, you may recognize many of these players that participated, as nearly all of them have continuously fought their way into Top 8/16/32 in our circuit.

We are proud to present the Top 3 of War of the Gods: EVO Edition!

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $250

2nd Place: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: $150

3rd Place: BC Biohazard
Prizes: $100

Full results can be seen here. An honorable mention goes to DizzyTT for making it to the Top 4 and earning himself a shot against Biohazard in the battle for the bronze.

For those unable to tune in to the live broadcast for War of the Gods: EVO Edition, we do have an archive available for you to peruse. Check it out here!

War of the Gods itself is our online circuit that supports Injustice 2. The first season launched shortly after the release of the game in May 2017, and we have since expanded to three seasons in total. Players compete in a series of weekly brackets to accrue league points that will aid in their climb up the rankings, which serve as the most important factor to participants, as we use these rankings to determine the top eight finalists that will advance to a season finale.

For those who earn themselves a spot in the Top 3 of each weekly bracket, they will earn cash prizes as well. Furthermore, by qualifying into the Season Finale, you immediately guarantee yourself some more cash. The largest share of an overall prize pool throughout the season goes straight into the finale.

We have recently completed Week 7 for Season 3 of War of the Gods, and now that EVO is behind us, we are preparing to enter into the final leg of the season. Once the sign-up page for Week 8 goes live, it will be shared via the @StreamMe Twitter, so if you have any interest in participating, please follow it.

Best part about War of the Gods? Entry is for free. So you have nothing to lose, but so much to gain!

Complete information on the circuit can be found at!

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