Volcano Russo and Pullum Purna to be released for #FEXL in August/September + Terry Bogard confirmed as Guest Character

Volcano Russo and Pullum Purna will lead off the first line of DLC releases for Fighting EX Layer, the Playstation 4 exclusive title by ARIKA that released near the end of June. Both characters will be released for free near the end of either August or September (no exact release date was given)..

Additionally, an arcade cabinet version of FEXL will be tested at specific locations around North America, none of which have been disclosed at this time. Once testing is complete, ARIKA will port the game to arcade cabinets in an effort to appeal to its roots as an arcade-only title in Japan, similar to its predecessor from two decades ago!

And there's way more to come. At the end of the video seen below, ARIKA teases a surprise appearance from a guest character whose origins stem from Fatal Fury (sorry Geese Howard, you're no longer unique in this department).

That's right: Terry Bogard, created by SNK as the protagonist of the Fatal Fury franchise, enters the ring in Fighting EX Layer! Of course, the question becomes: when will Terry make his way into the lineup?!

Fighting EX Layer is available as a digital-only title on the Playstation 4. We encourage that you give the game a go! To do so, boot up your console and visit here to download the game.

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