Patch Notes for #DragonballFighterZ Version 1.11 Balance Update

A balance patch for Dragonball FighterZ launched alongside the latest two additions to the roster, Base Goku and Base Vegeta.

As promised by game producer Tomoko Hiroki, this patch targets the entire roster barring four characters that are to be considered the standard for game balance: Goku Black, Adult Gohan, and the regular Super Saiyan forms of Goku and Vegeta.

This patch is available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC) versions of the game. If you have not turned on your console/PC before yesterday, then you should be prompted to download a Version 1.11 update the next time you log on.

We'll first provide a brief overview of the changes applied to game modes in Dragonball FighterZ. To begin with, when playing Ranked Match, you have the option to set the game to search for opponents that share your rank, are ranked higher, or are any rank whatsoever. A similar feature has been applied to Casual Match. The trade-off, however, is that network color (which determines the stability of your connection to your opponent) will no longer be displayed when an opponent is found.

The option to add input delay, which is the measure of how much time it takes for your controller inputs to be recognized, to Local Battle has also been put into the game. Furthermore, while at the versus screen, you can hold either the L1 or the L2 button (or LB or LT for Xbox One users) to change your leading character before a match starts.

Adjustments have also been made to the DBFZ training mode to expand upon options for practicing specific situations you encounter against opponents. These include the addition of training options (ex: Reset Damage Information) and settings for specific characters.

Finally, see below for a brief look at the balance notes from today's update. The full notes can be reviewed at this page from Bandai Namco's European website.

Now an attack won’t count as a hit during successful Z-reflect recovery frames.


  • Homing Energy Blast, Z Assist: Increased the hit stun and the recovery frames.


  • Crouching Special: Now he can move while in the air after performing the move.
    • Matched the landing recovery frame with Jumping Down Special.
    • Expanded the hitbox for the beginning of the attack.
  • Jumping Down Special: Expanded the hitbox for the beginning of the attack.
  • Z Assist: Now the Z-Assist moves more forward while rising.


  • Standing Special: Reduced the start up frame
  • Death Slash, Z Assist: Increased the hit stun and the non-recovery frame.
  • Death Slash(Light ver.): Reduced the start up frame
  • Warp Smash: Frieza now becomes invincible faster.
  • Midair ‘You might not survive this time’: Reduced the landing recovery frame on whiff.
  • Golden Frieza:
    • Reduced the recovery frame after the pause.
    • If an opponent isn't taking any hits when this move is activated then it would take more time till the game pauses to zoom in to Frieza.
    • However Frieza becomes invincible during this time.
    • Z combo restrictions are lifted. (EX. Can perform a string such as the following: Standing Heavy -> Standing Medium -> Standing Light.)"


  • Crouching Heavy: Can now Z combo into Standing Special.
  • Standing Special(Jeice): Increased the hit stun and the non-recovery frame.
  • Z Assist: Increased the hit stun and the non-recovery frame.
  • Strong Jersey: Reduced the block stun.
  • Strong Jersey (Medium/Heavy ver.):
    • Increased the non-recovery frame on hit.
    • Changed the way a damaged character is blown away."
  • Aerial Strong Jersey: Reduced the start up frame.

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For any Nintendo Switch owners, you can look forward to participating in an open beta for Dragonball FighterZ starting tomorrow evening! For more details, please consult this article.

DBFZ officially releases for the Switch on September 28th, but is available on PS4, Xbox One and Steam (PC).

Dragonball FighterZ - PSN Store
Dragonball FighterZ - Xbox One
Dragonball FighterZ - Steam Store

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