#EVO2018 Video Interviews with @Semiij and @BigD_FGC by @ADsolo3

Before Noble Rewind was crowned the Injustice 2 World Champion last Saturday, the eight finalists that would share the World Stage at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino were determined via a sequence of pools, all of which were concluded the day before (August 3rd).

Among the finalists were Noble Semiij and Big D.

Big D is no stranger to being a finalist atop the biggest stage in FGC history (see here to learn more), but given the recent decrease in his tournament presence, he truly had not expected to escape pools that day. Yet when he struck the finishing blow against DR Gross to complete an astonishing three-game comeback, he guaranteed his return to a familiar setting. The last time he'd made the World Finals for an NRS game was two years ago, when he finished in 4th place for Mortal Kombat XL.

Semiij, who had just taken home the crown at CEO 2018, also found his calling during the MKXL days, but his career skyrocketed during the Injustice 2 days when he qualified for the Injustice 2 Pro Series Finals last year in September. Like Big D, Semiij took 4th place in his first Top 8 at EVO just last year, and he would add to that particular streak just last weekend.

Both are now sitting comfortably in the league rankings for this year's season of the Injustice 2 Pro Series. The Top 12 points earners will progress to the finals in Los Angeles at the end of the season. Due to their results at EVO, Semiij has accrued a total of 345 league points, whereas Big D's 4th place finish has skyrocketed him to the number 11 position with exactly 100 points, thereby tying him with Gunshow.

Undoubtedly you may be wondering about the exhilaration both players felt the instant they broke the surface of their respective Injustice 2 pools at the Evolution Championships. Fortunately, interviewer Adrienne Desirae a.k.a. @ADsolo3 has provided us with the answers to that question.

See below to enjoy a duo of video interviews featuring Big D and Semiij. Note that these took place right after their qualification into Top 8 last Friday.

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