Negan from #TheWalkingDead confirmed for a 2019 release in #Tekken7

In case you missed out on the EVO World Finals last Sunday, a series of non-stop announcement trailers was hitting the Internet before and after each game finished their run at the tournament.

Out of all the trailers, however, it can be safely said that one of them has left the strongest impression upon the entire FGC, as it concerns a crossover that has rarely been done in the course of gaming history. What's special about this particular crossover is that it brings a character from an incredibly popular television series by AMC into a fighting game that has blossomed into a big hit.

That character is Negan, a charismatic but sinister man who has won over the hearts of fans of AMC's The Walking Dead. Along with Anna Williams and Lei Wulong, Negan will be stepping into the ring as a DLC fighter for Bandai Namco's Tekken 7.

(click here to read up on the Tekken 7 announcement at EVO)

But when, exactly? While no release date was given, AMC themselves have made it clear that Negan is set to release for Tekken 7 next year.

A move like this is not to be surprising, honestly. When the Season 2 Pass for Tekken 7 was announced at EVO, it displayed six character panels near the end. The first two have Anna and Lei Wulong on display, while Negan is indicated by the last panel at the end. Three empty panels separate him from the first two, which can only mean that three other fighters will be included in the next season as well.

Tekken 7 Season 2.png

Altogether, that's six characters to be released in a single season, not unlike the pattern that Capcom follows when releasing downloadable characters for each season of their iconic title, Street Fighter V. If we assume that these characters will be released in order from left to right, then it's definitely a given that Negan will not show his face until 2019 at least.

A release date for the Season 2 Pass itself has yet to be provided by Bandai. If you couldn't tune in to EVO, check out the trailer below to catch up on the exciting news.

Tekken 7 is available now for Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam (PC). Grab your copy now and get ready for the next battle!

If you crave to re-experience the horrors of The Walking Dead, the show will be launching its ninth season on October 7th at 9/8c on AMC. Click here to see the show's Season 9 trailer!


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