Isabelle from Animal Crossing joins the battle in #SmashBrosUltimate!

As today’s Nintendo Direct came to a close, Nintendo dropped their next character reveal for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Since Smash Bros arrived to the Wii-U and 3DS systems, Villager made his debut as a solo representative for the Animal Crossing series. But for Smash Ultimate, Villager’s got a friend coming along for the ride - and no, this newcomer is not an Echo Fighter.

The new arrival is Isabelle!

Note: Skip to the 34:58 mark in the video above to watch Isabelle’s introductory cinematic for Smash Ultimate.

Known for lending her assistance to mayors around Animal Crossing, Isabelle is stepping out from behind the desk to take matters into her own hands. While her moves appear to be similar to Villager’s, her own approach comes with its share of notable differences.

For instance, from watching her trailer, Isabelle appears to come equipped with a special attack that instantly negates another character’s special attack, as demonstrated when she throws a pail of water onto Falco while he is performing his Up-B move. Isabelle is also seen blowing a whistle, which instantly stopped an opponent’s movement (Sonic in this case), though it’s not clear if that was merely a taunt animation or an actual move.

Furthermore, just like Villager, Isabelle can conjure up rockets, but she can send hers skyward unlike her comrade.

Upon her reveal, the official Smash Bros website was instantly updated with a character panel for Isabelle. You can find her information here.

In other news, Nintendo unveiled a special package that enables players to show off their support for Smash Ultimate in the best way possible: the Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros Ultimate Set. As you might have guessed, this package comes with a Nintendo Switch, a charge dock, and Joy-Con controllers, all of which are branded with an amazing Smash Ultimate design. In addition, the package will include a download code for the full game, which will be available on December 7th.

The above package will become available for purchase on November 2nd, as will a unique brand of Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers and GameCube pads that sport a design based on Smash Ultimate, similar to the Smash Switch bundle. GameCube controller adapters, which will enable the use of a GameCube controller for the Switch, will be up for grabs as well.

You can reserve your copy of Smash Ultimate and/or pick up any of the special edition pages and accessories at this page.

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