"Farewell" Event for #SmashBrosWiiU to be organized by @2GGaming

With the release of Smash Ultimate just around the corner, a large fraction of the Smash community has confiscated - or sold - their Wii-Us in preparation for the Nintendo Switch exclusive. As Nintendo themselves had ceased support for the Wii-U well before the reveal of the Switch, this transition will basically serve as the final nail in the Wii-U’s coffin.

But with three months left to go, the competitive Smashers have called upon 2GGaming, an esports organization based in California that provides outstanding support for scenes revolving around Nintendo’s games, to arrange a “farewell” event for Smash 4.

Around the halfway point of Smash 4’s lifespan, 2GGaming arranged a series of events known as “Sagas,” all of which primarily occurred in Santa Ana’s Esports Arena. Inspiration for the names of each saga came from game franchises and even the names of the best Smash 4 players in the community, such as Nairo, MKLeo, and of course, TSM ZeRo, known as the King of Smash 4.

The Sagas also served as qualifiers for a final showdown called the 2GG Championship, which would ultimately be won by Echo Fox MKLeo. After TSM ZeRo reset the bracket in Grand Finals, MKLeo endured the hell of the banana-crazed Diddy Kong to pull the rope back to his side and take the big W in the finale to the 2GG Championship Series.

Portions of a $100,000 prize pool were also awarded throughout the Championship Series, with the largest share of $50,000 going to the finale itself.

Furthermore, 2GG currently hosts a variety of Smash 4 locals such as A Hat in Time and Mega Smash Mondays. They have also collaborated with other organizations such as LevelUp and Esports Arena to further consolidate the SoCal Smash community.

The impact left by the 2GG crew’s tireless work ethic has forever won the hearts of Smash enthusiasts, and it is for that reason that the community is requesting an event where they can give Smash 4 the send-off that is deserved.

No details pertaining to a farewell event for Smash 4 were provided at this time, but we will be watching closely for developments.

It’s worth noting at this time that 2GG has just finished working alongside LevelUp to support Smash 4, Pokken Tournament DX, and ARMS at the Ontario Convention Center, where SoCal Regionals 2018 wrapped up just last weekend. If you were unable to catch the show while it was live, you can check out their Smash 4 highlights from SCR via the video below!

Follow @2GGaming on Twitter for further updates.

In the meantime, players can preorder their copies of Smash Ultimate RIGHT NOW at www.smashbros.com, which includes a library of in-game content from Ultimate. Additional content is added on a daily basis.

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