Patch Notes for Version 1.5 Update to @PaladinsGame

Today, Paladins, a first-person shooter by @EvilMojoGames, received its next content update dubbed “Xenosynthesis.”

The update delivers a handful of needed adjustments and no more than a single balance change (bug fixes aside). As Paladins has made a recent expansion to multiple console platforms, its development team is striving to bring the console versions in line with the PC version.

For instance, players will be able to send a report mid-match on all console platforms once they enter the post-match lobby. For all versions, a “queue flow system” has also come into effect.

The update notes can be found here, but for your convenience, we will copy and paste them below.

Gr0b0t Grover

  • The new Epic Gr0b0t skin can be unlocked through:

    • Diamond Chest

Xeno-Buster Ash

  • The new Epic Xeno-Buster Ash skin can be unlocked through:

    • Deep Space Chest

  • The Xeno-Buster Ash skin is also available for direct purchase for 600 crystals.

Deep Space Chest

The Deep Space Chest returns, headlined by our new Alien hunting Xeno-Buster Ash skin! The Deep Space Chest cost 100 crystals and contains:

  • Epic Skins

    • New! Xeno-Buster Ash

    • Nova Strike Kinessa

    • L-Exo Lex

    • V1-KTOR Viktor

  • Rare Skins

    • Cutthroat Kinessa

  • Uncommon Skin

    • Hellion Ash

  • Voice Packs

    • Ash

    • Kinessa

    • Lex

    • Viktor

  • Emotes

    • Present Arms, Kinessa Emote

    • Cossack, Viktor Dance Emote

    • Give me a Break, Ash Emote

    • Inferno, Ash Emote

  • MVP Poses

    • Kneeling, Kinessa MVP Pose

    • Reach for the Sky, Lex MVP Pose

    • Hot Potato, Viktor MVP Pose

    • Thigh Slapper, Viktor MVP Pose

    • Sentry, Viktor MVP Pose

    • Aftermath, Ash MVP Pose


  • The ability to report in game has been added to all consoles in the end of match lobby.



  • For every queue except Ranked, players will no longer need to accept the queue.

Match Lobby

  • For every queue except Ranked, If a player fails to pick a champion in the match lobby a champion will be picked for them based on what the current team composition lacks.


  • In Casual and Ranked queues, as soon as players enter the end of match lobby, they will be immediately be requeued.

  • Auto requeue will not happen if the player was AFK before the end of the last match.



  • Tempest

    • Increased flight control



Bomb King

  • Fixed an issue where Grumpy Bomb’s threat indicator was smaller than the Blast Radius with the Demolition Talent equipped


  • Fixed an issue where Overlord Khan’s ultimate voice line was not playing.


  • Fixed an issue that increased her collision size


  • Fixed an issue where Strix could pick up the key while invisible and stay invisible in Dragon’s Call


  • Fixed an issue where the Vault background images appear pixelated and blurry.

  • Fixed an issue where players would occasionally not mount while in Siege spawn room.

  • Fixed an issue where notifications in the champion menu would not display what had been acquired.  

  • Fixed an issue with Ying’s Ultimate animation in first person

  • Fixed an issue where queue pop audio failed to play

  • Fixed an issue where initially opening up the Champion Level Up UI would show an overlapping unlocking text and an infinite loading icon.

  • Fixed an issue with the Dragon Calls Buy Bundle UI popup display information.

Under Investigation

  • Post game account issues after disconnecting/rejoining a match

  • Crashes with Vault after accepting EULA

  • Issues with Terminus’ “Playing God” card

All versions of Paladins are free to play and can be downloaded via the following links:

PlayStation 4 - Paladins
Xbox One - Paladins
Nintendo Switch - Paladins
Steam (PC) - Paladins

To learn more about the product, consider following @PaladinsGame on Twitter, and/or visit

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