Patch Notes for Version 1.3.3 Update to #PokkenTournamentDX, arriving September 26th

Pokemon Trainers, get your Switches ready for an update.

According to the Japanese website for Pokken Tournament DX, the hybrid 3D/2D Pokemon game will receive an update that introduces a small amount of balance adjustments to a portion of the Battle Pokemon roster. As for the Support Pokemon, only Mega Rayquaza will be tweaked slightly.

The patch notes are available here in Japanese, but due to the efforts of kaloncpu57 and deyskil, two members from the Pokken Arena forums, an English version of the notes is available for you to peruse.

Given the difference in time zones, this update may roll out as early as Tuesday, September 25th, and will impact some regions earlier than others. Furthermore, any replays pertaining to the current version of Pokken Tournament DX will no longer be functional after the upcoming update.

The English notes can be found at, but for your convenience, they will be copied and pasted in this article. Enjoy.



  • Grab Attack (Field Phase): Fixed an issue where Croagunk and Blastoise would not be stunned as long after being grabbed.


  • Burst Attack: Fixed an issue where, sometimes when Suicune's Burst Attack caused a KO before the animation, the animation would still play.

  • Counter Attack ~ Y: Fixed an issue where the second hit wouldn't always connect.

  • jY (Duel Phase): Fixed an issue.


  • Grab Attack (Field Phase): Fixed an issue where Croagunk and Blastoise would not be stunned as long after being grabbed.


  • 5Y(Y)(Y)X (Synergy Burst): Fixed an issue where the combo would behave strangely while in Synergy Burst.


  • 5Y(Y)(Y)X: Made the combo easier to execute. Also added a just frame.

  • jY (Field Phase): Extended the range of the second projectile.

  • Wild Charge (Enhanced): Pikachu Libre no longer has low armor when this move is blocked.


  • Leaf Blade (Duel Phase): Increased hit stun upon a Critical Hit.

  • Leaf Storm: Fixed an issue.


  • 5X: Increased hit stun upon a Critical Hit.

  • 2X: Increased duration.

  • Grab Attack (Duel Phase): Thunder now disappears when Shadow Mewtwo grabs while close to the opponent.


  • Jump (Bad Dreams Rising): Fixed an issue where Darkrai could double jump without having a double jump buff.


  • Poison Jab: Fixed an issue where Croagunk might not apply the buffs/debuffs to the opponent.

  • Thief: Fixed an issue where Croagunk might not steal the buffs and Synergy from the opponent.

  • Gunk Shot: Fixed an issue where the boulder would not track the opponent properly.


  • 4X: Increased damage.


  • 4Y: Increased duration.

  • 8X: Changed the trajectory of the projectile.

  • Acrobatics: Fixed an issue where Decidueye would turn around after successfully landing the move.


  • Dragon Ascent: Fixed an issue where, depending on the opponent's character, Mega Rayquaza would cause a different number of hits.

Pokken Tournament DX, an upgrade to the original Pokken Tournament for the Nintendo Wii-U is available as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. In addition to the base product, aspiring trainers can pick up the Pokken DX Battle Pack, which comes with two Battle Pokemon (Blastoise and Aegislash) and four Support Pokemon (Mega Rayquaza, Mimikyu, Mew and Celebi), for only $14.99.

To download the product to your Switch, visit

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