#DBFZ World Tour Update: SAGA 6 confirmed to take place in Tokyo, Japan on November 24-25, 2018

Upon the initial launch of the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour earlier this year, seven events were designated as “Sagas,” which are essentially qualifiers for the finale of the circuit. The finale itself will take place in the USA on January 26th, which in turns marks the one-year anniversary of the game’s birth.

When the tour launched, however, only five Sagas had been confirmed, with the other two set to be announced later. Furthermore, Dragon Radar Events were introduced later on in the season to give competitors the chance to earn their journey to a Saga Event, where the ultimate prize awaited them: a Dragon Ball - or rather, their spot in the DBFZ World Tour Finals.

We now know where the sixth Saga will take place: the Japanese Round, an event that will take place at the VR ZONE SHINJUKU in Tokyo, Japan. However, other than the fact that it’s scheduled to take place on the weekend of November 24-25, details on the event remain scarce, but will be provided later on at the Japanese website for the World Tour.

As far as the seventh Saga is concerned, it remains undecided by Bandai Namco.

Each of the Sagas in the World Tour have taken place at different regions across the globe. The first Saga took place in Florida at CEO 2018; the second occurred at VS Fighting in Birmingham, England; and the third Saga, Ultimate Fighting Arena, occurred in France. The fourth and fifth Sagas will occur in Mexico and Singapore, respectively.

The winners of each Saga will be locked in for the DBFZ World Tour finals, where a $25,000 prize pool and the title of DBFZ World Tour Champion will be on the line. Thus far, the first three Sagas have been taken by the following champions:

  • Saga 1, CEO 2018: GGP Kazunoko

  • Saga 2, VSFighting 2018: Echo Fox SonicFox

  • Saga 3, Ultimate Fighting Arena: CAG GO1

For any players hoping to fill in the four remaining slots, five Dragon Radar Online events remain in the World Tour, each of which are targeting a different region. If you reside in New Zealand, Western Europe, the eastern USA, southern Latin America and/or East Asia, visit this page at SmashGG to register for the bracket corresponding to your region.

Similar to the standard Dragon Radar Events, the winners of each online bracket will be flown to any Saga Event of their choosing. Best of luck!

Unable to make any of the Saga Events? The eighth, and last, finalist for the DBFZ World Tour will be decided via a Last Chance Qualifier that will take place at the finale. Details regarding the LCQ have yet to surface.

To keep up with the DBFZ World Tour, follow www.dbfzworldtour.com.

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